Sunday, June 26, 2016

Nick Contompasis

Monday, July 14, 2014

Israel - Nuke

Cracking the seal of his bottle of vodka, Dave took his first drink in six years. The two hundred year old wooden floor planks that ran up and down the three floors of his Georgetown townhouse creaked involuntarily from age. He was used to it and it was reassuring, a feeling rarely felt in Washington these days.  
The humid summer's night air that seemed inescapable flowed in and around his overstuffed chair as that first drink finished like an old lover in the middle of the night. Israel was in play and Dave knew why. That’s why the drinks. The ice didn’t have time to melt as he poured his second. It was helping, the drinks that is, as he started to think of his days in Beirut when Iran started their little games in the region. If only he knew then how long this would last he would’ve quit years ago. 
He knew the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers by Hamas was no random act. Dave got wind of the plot back in March but details were sketchy. Like 9/11, you knew but you didn’t know.  
Odd, he thought, was that my second drink I just finished or was it my third? He had turned into a lightweight. In the old days in North Africa a bottle would be just a walk in the park, now two drinks are taking him down. 
Pouring another drink, with ice no more, it was important to numb the knowledge that had throbbed in his brain for weeks. The President of the United States knows Hamas will detonate a North Korean nuclear device supplied by Iran on the border of Israel and the Gaza Strip. The logic in this escaped him, unless you’re a Muslim fanatic hell bent on turning the Middle East into an inferno. Dave knew Iran had nothing to lose by using Palestinians as fall guys. The low megaton bomb would take out most of the Gaza which is a cesspool anyway, most of Israel's armored divisions now amassed at the border and send its radiation into half of Israel rendering most of Israel paralyzed economically.  This would leave Israel with no targets to hit back at and a broken country.  
It was now 2 A.M. in D.C., Monday morning in Israel and no mushroom clouds yet as he poured another drink nearly taking down three quarters of the bottle. He knew Iran saw the handwriting on the wall as ISIS disrupted their little thing in the region by taking parts of Syria and Iraq. This was by design turning ISIS’s Caliphate into a wall between Iran and the Mediterranean Sea which Iran wanted desperately. Dave could see Iran was running out of time as Iraq’s government continued to buckle under the pressures brought down on them by the murderous ISIS troops backed by Saudi Arabia and Turkey. 
Dave knew it was a mess and a big gamble by all, but he knew eventually one side would win and we needed to be on that side. It was like choosing between an axe murderer and a chainsaw slasher. 
The President in all his insanity was too afraid to even acknowledge that he knew of this planned border explosion. So he sits and waits with the prospect that thousands will eventually die, our last real ally in the region will be rendered helpless and the Middle East will be once again ruled by the warring tribes of Islam.  

Dave’s hand accidentally knocked over his bottle as he slipped into a deep sleep in that overstuffed chair. As he snored away, his alarm clock was giving him two hours of sleep before he had to be back at Langley for another dose of lunacy. – N.P.Contompasis

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Missing Plane Flight HM370 to New York City – The President Spills the Beans

Today, President Obama at The Hague mistakenly let the cat out of the bag when he mentioned that he was more concerned with a nuclear bomb going off in Manhattan than Russia’s move into the Crimea. Telling the world that he suspected something was up on the terrorist front was not good chess and his little slipup definitely alerted Ali and his band of al Qaeda suicide bombers who were frantically preparing Flight HM370 for its nonstop into the heart of America’s financial district Manhattan, New York.  
Dave had put two and two together while flying over the Arctic Circle on his way to Afghanistan. When all data was confirmed he notified the Secretaries of Defense, State and the President of his findings that this plane was hijacked and was to transport one of the old Soviet Union’s biggest nuclear bombs to New York City.
Dave had a general idea where Flight HM370 was, but he had to get closer with George's laptop to make a more definitive call for air strikes. He was in a race for time and one delay could have devastating consequences.
It was obvious that the President was shook-up over the news while he was attempting to convince his remaining six partners in the now G-7 to increase sanctions on President Putin of Russia. He felt haggard and lost with his wife in China picking up commie tips from the masters on media and mind control.
A cig sure sounded good right about now!

Ali’s men cleaned out the large cargo hold of the Boeing 777 for their bomb that could eventually make the most expensive real estate in the world worthless for the next hundred years. Ali knew New York after spending much of his youth there going to the same University that President Obama attended. Funny, he never saw him either, as the clock kept ticking for Flight HM370’s rendezvous with the big apple. – From the Novel “Now the Eagle” by N.P.Contompasis 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Missing Plane Flight HM370 One Way Nonstop to New York City

Ali could no longer stand the smell coming from his comrade being one of 24 al Qaeda so-called freedom fighters jammed in twelve caskets in the cargo hole of flight HM370 bound for Beijing, China from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He gave the signal from his cellphone for all to emerge vampire like with weapons in hand.
Ali turned the radar jamming device on that was loaded in a crate marked fragile glass and the boldest takeover of any commercial airliner was about to begin.
He knew he had only five minutes before the crew in the cockpit realized they weren’t being tracked and they had to move fast. With military precision the 24 emerged through a little known duct that led into the passenger compartment. They quickly put on their gasmasks and released the poisonous gas grenades rendering all on board near death.
They quickly broke through the cockpit door where the plane was still on autopilot with four unconscious crew members still in their seats.
Ali quickly took over the controls, pointed the plane down and northwest towards a little known airstrip on the plains of Pakistan where he had a special addition for this Boeing 777, a five hundred megaton hydrogen nuclear bomb once owned by the Soviet Union.
Seven hours later and on the ground, a crew of fifty loaded the airliner to the brim with fuel and dumped the mostly Chinese passenger’s bodies into three trucks that were taken to a deep hole twenty miles away.
Ali was now captain of this missile of death that was now heading for New York City going over the polar ice cap.
Unfortunately, the world was still a week away from finding him, since the Obama Administration was still distracted by Vladimir Putin in the Crimea.   
Back at the C.I.A., Dave was mesmerized by what he was seeing on George Preston’s laptop computer. George’s brilliant idea of planting GPS devices in known al Qaeda leader’s prayer rugs in Eastern Africa gave Dave a bird’s eye view of global terrorism. But what he saw now was a prayer rug that flew over the Indian Ocean and landed in central Pakistan. Now, he thought, does this have anything to do with flight HM370 as he picked up the phone and ordered a long range jet to Kabul?   
From the Novel “Now the Eagle” by N.P.Contompasis 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Iranian Secret Nuke Deal

Valerie Jarrett, President Obama’s point person for the secret part of the Iranian nuke deal has for the past six months used the skills she picked up while serving under her former boss Mayor Daley of Chicago as his bagman. 
Bagman, bagwoman, bagperson, whatever you want to call it, she put together the biggest bag in bagman history and most of the spoils were headed into Barack Obama’s back pocket. With over $24 Billion of frozen Iranian assets both domestically and internationally Kerry and Obama had the pick of the crop of overseas assets to be transferred into their charitable trusts and secret corporations fronted by trusted straw men. The fix was in and they made sure that Hillary wasn't left out of the pirate’s bounty. That’s why Hillary had to win the Presidency in 2016, to keep the investigative dogs at bay.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, the President was wondering who Michelle was screwing under the swaying palms of Oprah’s secluded Eastern Maui estate in the very out of the way village of Hanna. She was pissed at him for his many affairs of both genders and she figured it was time to cut the cards. Michelle knew about the Iranian asset deal and she wanted her share now!
Barack knew he had to cut her in to keep her quiet. His loudmouthed bitch could sink him in a Chicago second and that won’t be allowed to happen. He had two choices, jam millions down her throat and if she wasn’t satisfied, shut her up for good with a hit from a loyal ex-Chicago cop.
Things weren't looking too good for Hillary and the President as the Senate released a damming bipartisan report on their Benghazi debacle. The cover-up was being uncovered leaving Hillary out in the cold for 2016 with many unanswered questions. The President was running out of excuses and blocks.
Michelle awoke from a long sexual night. Oprah slipped into her silk robe and headed back to her room while Generals and Admirals at the Pentagon roasted marshmallows’ around the campfire. They spoke quietly of Petraeus’s upcoming coup d’etat.
From the novel Now the Eagle – by N.P.Contompasis

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


As the first commercial Danish ship slipped out of the Port of Lattakia, Syria with the first load of Assad’s deadly weapons Ahmad busily prepared his assault boats on the Turkish side of the island of Cyrus. The U.N.’s plans were to keep the ship at sea, while being guarded by Red Chinese, Danish, Norwegian and Russian vessels.
Ahmad’s plans were simple. He is to highjack the vessel and point it towards the Port of Tel Aviv where his al Qaeda led group wipes out half the population of Israel with its deadly cargo. With China and Russia at the lead guarding this vessel it was worse than a fox guarding a henhouse. The fix was already in and Ahmad had a green light from the two quasi-super powers to board the deadly chemical laden nautical vessel of mass destruction. After taking control Ahmad knew that no country would be responsible for sinking this vessel and polluting half the Mediterranean with the deadly cargo. So, while the big-wigs talked about what to do he will have already reached his target.  
Russia and China know that Israel is the keystone to the Middle East, not Egypt. If Israel is crippled the West is done in the region and the Muslim Sunni-Shia regional war can wage on unbridled stopping oil and gas flows to the West. The balance of power globally would be devastating to the West and irreversible. The economic impact would be like a thousand nukes going off throughout Western capitals.
As Ahmad slipped off in the middle of the night headed towards his moment in history the U.S. President Obama was back after one of his lengthy vacations trying to distract the American people from his lies over his high-jacking of their healthcare system by quietly pushing an open door policy for the millions of illegal immigrants that are fleeing from the ever mounting global war.

From the Novel “Now the Eagle” – by Nicholas Contompasis 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Obama – Second Term – After the Fall

The defrocked betrayed General Petraeus met with two of his recently retired Generals in a suburban Northern Virginia setting hardly saying a word. There was no need for words; it was the body, hand, head, along with eye movements and facial expressions that said it all. Every movement said something in code. They made plans for this moment years in advance if the country had sunk to a new low. The secret oath, the loyal opposition, it was the coup d'état of America. Every word was communicated without detection by the spy satellite stationed overhead; still busy recording every digital move. Six NSA observers scattered throughout the busy café kept bumping into each other in a confused state not quite understanding what they were watching.
The Generals were meeting for the last time before their plan was to unfold. They were now in a race to save the country from a planned foreign policy failure that would cripple the U.S. for decades. Everyone spoke of the American decline but this event would set in motion irreversible events that would change America possibly forever. The Generals knew of this plan that came from the top, the White House.

The President had just met with his White House advisors on Syria and everything was going as planned. Obama had purposely stuck his neck out, a year ago, by drawing the red line on Syria and now with his delay to act the clock was ticking on the sinking of six U.S. war ships in the Eastern Mediterranean and Petraeus couldn’t let that happen! – From the novel “Now the Eagle” by N.P. Contompasis 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Obama - Assassins Everywhere

Dave could feel the walls closing in on him. He hated that feeling. That feeling when there's so many moving parts you can no longer rely on your memory to keep track of them. He could blame it all on Obama, but that would be too simplistic, he didn't know what the fuck he was doing and was more or less directed by the Joint Chiefs to take this last drastic step.
Dave knew that when Obama gave the blessing, well let's say he looked the other way, for Israel to send teams of assassins into Iran to take out nuclear scientists, there'd be fallout.
Obama never knew the '60s like Dave. The decade of assassination, that was the '60s. Got a problem, bump em off, President, labor leader, dictator or anyone that got in the way. It was quick and easy. But the problem was, that everyone became a target. Leaders couldn't do anything without fifty guards or Secret Service men trailing.
Somewhere in the '70s it all stopped, there was an informal truce between nations that the killing had to stop and it did. We than had decades of relative quiet in the killing business. Of course, if you weren't a high profile personality you got whacked, make no mistake about it. But the big guys were allowed to walk.
After two years of this new assassination policy Dave's worse fears had come to pass. With roving teams of hit-men from Iran now in the U.S. who were on the verge of taking out anyone with Iranian roots, he knew this form of retaliation was getting out of hand.
It was just yesterday that an Iranian medical student who was an activist working against the Ayatollah's regime in Tehran was assassinated in Texas by one of these teams. In addition, just before Christmas information was obtained from a domestic informant that the President's close friend and advisor in the White House, Valerie Jarrett was next on the hit parade. Iran knew that Jarrett was born in Iran and her hit would send a strong message to all Iranians living in America that when the time came they'd better stand with the mother country or else.
Jarrett now had twenty four hour Secret Service cover, but it wasn't enough, and Dave knew it. If they wanted, they could take her out or anyone else in a heart beat, it was just a matter of when.
Dave was informed by the State Department that Hillary wanted the Syrian U.S. Embassy closed. He knew that was always the last step before military action. War was near, he could smell it in the air. Israel was ready to move on Iran. Assassins were everywhere and there was no one to trust, except Jimmy.
He was glad that retired General Petraeus was now running the show at the agency. He had worked with the General in Desert Storm and found him to be honest and thorough. Penetta was too political for Dave. A nice guy, but not your typical head of the Central Intelligence Agency.
As the 1,021st day of the Obama Administration continued to pile mistake on mistake, the President wished he had stayed in Disney World.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Obama - Merry Christmas Lance Cpl. Freeman

Lance Cpl. Jason Freeman took his last breath on a herders path in the subzero mountainous region between the "Stans" on Christmas day, while the President scheduled another sunny day of golf in the Hawaiian Islands.
Jason's wife and two young children unknowingly celebrated the opening of Christmas presents back in North Carolina, all the while praying for his safe return.
The President lined up his ball for his first of two rounds on the lush green fairways of the north coast course.
Mrs. Freeman enjoyed the half-spirited enthusiasm of her children playing with the toys she had carefully picked out and lugged back from about ten toy stores earlier in the week. Jason had only one month and he would've been back home with his family. His patrol offered cover-fire as his buddies retrieved his body leaving a trail of our nation's treasure forever staining the ancient pathway. It seemed that over the centuries there were others who had sacrificed their blood and had left their families forever to this now darkening soil.
It was true that many of the coalition deaths were due to the President's refusal to ramp up the requested number of troops in the field. The new order to suspend drone flights also added to the misery for our troops on the ground.
The President knew he had fucked up by going to Hawaii. His political instinct and advisors told him not to go, but Michelle was relentless and downright threatening to get out of the White House, which she now called "The Prison."
He had a bad feeling about all of this. Deep down he knew this Hawaiian vacation was gonna blow up in his face.
Back in D.C. Dave was still reeling over seeing the ghost of George Preston as the 995th day of the Obama Administration waited for the next shoe to drop.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Obama - Scrooged

By Nicholas Contompasis

Like a vampire sucking the last drops of life from his victim, the President arrived for another fundraiser in Manhattan. With the well coordinated lighting of Rockefeller Square's Christmas tree, the President couldn't have pissed-off the locals more, as he closed off most streets that would normally be used for the festivities. It was as though he was purposely sabotaging another Christian holiday, again validation to most, of his Muslim beliefs.
This was the last straw for New Yorkers, who put up with his attempt to try the mastermind of nine eleven just blocks away from the fallen towers, his endorsement of a Mosque to be built the same distance from the hallowed site and his complete disregard for Israel, in-turn American Jew's who predominately populate the lower part of the Island.
As anger mounted towards the President the new town crier Donald Trump rallied the common man and spoke his mind in plain language. Prior to his arrival, he used YouTube to blast the President for his lack of concern for the common man, who wouldn't be able to attend the tree lighting due to his inconsiderate behavior. The video clip went viral and could have been a conservative Republican campaign commercial, it was that good.
It was obvious to many now that the President wasn't drawing the same crowds he did back in '08 and it was starting to take it's toll on his ego.
Jimmy was part of his advance guard on this trip and noticed that there was more action last night with Rush Limbaugh in town than the President's visit tonight. He slyly mumbled his observation to a partner just loud enough so the President could hear. This drew an immediate glare from the Commander in Chief who had enough of Jimmy as one of his family Secret Service guards. Jimmy was black, also, but he wasn't a Marxist and this so-called President gave him the creeps.
While the President danced around the conference room meeting and greeting, Jimmy had himself replaced for the rest of the evening and ducked out for a quick cell call to Dave back at Langley.
Dave finished up with Jimmy's report on the President's movements and quickly got back to a bigger issue, George Preston.
He slipped his cell phone into his shirt pocket and stared out over the now near empty parking lot of a commercial building just outside of the agency's gate. A familiar dark colored Carrera that had seen better days cautiously creeped into view. It stopped about three hundred feet from where he was leaning up against his BMW. The windshield looked as though it had collected five years of dust, which would make that about right, since George hadn't been stateside since 2007. The car sat with headlights on motor running as Dave fought the wind and forty degree temperature. What was George waiting for? Why wasn't he getting out?
George had so many answers to Dave's questions regarding the President and it was driving him nuts to be so close to validating his suspicions of the Commander in Chief. The car's engine suddenly turned off and a man that looked like George emerged from the car as the 969th day of the Obama Presidency couldn't wait to see how much money he collected tonight.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Obama - The Thrill of Assassination

By Nicholas Contompasis

It had been over three and a half months since Iran hijacked Osama bin Laden's body from the briny deep. The Administration did a good job of forcing The Washington Post to print a retraction and apology for the accurate story. The President's ego had been saved!!! So, most of America went on thinking that Seal Team 6 had secured the burial site of the most wanted man in history since Adolph Hitler.
Dave was up to his ears in day to day operation matters.
The President was becoming more of a threat every day since the bin Laden and Gaddafi assassinations. It was as though he had become empowered by his own new found strength to terminate an opponent. For a community organizer from Chicago, the rush was much more intense than successfully smearing a local councilman.
Michelle was at her wits end and counting the days to 2013 when she could have her life back again. She was riding the leader of the free world more these days since she saw the balances in his foreign bank accounts. Soros had been very successful in turning the President's five million dollar nest-egg into nearly three billion euros and she wanted more bling, a lot more bling.
In Dave's thirty years with the agency he had never experienced more operations. Africa and the Middle-east were now the focus of foreign policy. With the toppling of our stable dictators in North Africa the Arab Spring had caused many in the Pentagon to post more observation centers.
The problem with the region was that China had interests in much of its rich natural resources. Even though offshoots of al Qaeda were threatening most Eastern African countries China knew they could be controlled if necessary. It was the West they were at war with, not Islam.
Dave knew that Red China hadn't changed and genocide was still on their list of persuasions.
Since Petraeus signed on as head of the C.I.A. the agency finally felt good again. Penetta was not good and it was like a huge cloud lifting from Langley.
The President was on his road trip in Asia building the Joint Chiefs idea of a firewall around Red China. India, Australia, Japan and Indonesia would be the major players in this new Asian line in the sand. Plans are to beef up these allies with some pretty sophisticated military hardware. China's saber rattling was scaring the hell out of them and they had no plans on learning Mandarin or eating with sticks.
Through this bureaucratic fog, Dave still had to deal with George who was out there somewhere, on his own personal rampage, against what he interpreted as a 2008 coup d'etat of the United States. George was an amazing man and with a mind that could thrill any mystery novelist. That's what made George so good, he could think way outside the box without sounding like a nutcase.
D.C. was cold these days. The conversations were cold, the people were cold and oh yeah, the weather was cold. Winter was setting in and the leaves from most trees had fallen, leaving a multicolored pallet on the floor of most parks and open spaces.
It was now seven thirty as Dave inched his way back to his hundred and fifty year old townhouse in Georgetown. He couldn't stop thinking of how Middle-eastern policy changed so abruptly after the Ayatollah's attempt to bomb a Saudi Ambassador in the middle of D.C. That really woke up the Royal Family. Finally, they stopped dragging their feet on an Iranian attack.
But, now the problem was, as usual, the President. If anybody could fuck up a wet dream it was him.
It frustrated the Joint Chiefs as they continued to do end-runs around any direct order coming from him or his inexperienced staff.
Sometimes Dave wished he could dump his desk job, hit the road with George and start doing things the right way, the old fashioned way. Spook operations had become so political and procedural, all the fun was gone. Dave missed the good old days when a twenty-four inch piano wire took care of business. Even an icepick to the back of the head penetrating the cerebellum was better than waiting for three levels of management to make a decision on a kill.
Now, it was more about touchy-feely policies, don't do this, don't do that. It made most of the old timers who won the cold war head for traffic-crossing guard jobs.
Dave finally made it home and dropped into his big red wing-chair in front of his fireplace that was already roaring. As he became mesmerized by the fire's wavy movement and sounds of cracking and snapping his secured cellphone rang. It was George, as the 958th day of the Obama Presidency had little more than a year to destroy America.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Iranian Sub Takes Osama bin-Laden’s Body  July 24, 2011

The Washington Post broke the terrible news first with the following article.

The Washington Post


Where World News and National Security Intersect

Iranian Sub Takes Osama bin-Laden’s Body

By Joel Greenbaum, July 24, 6:22 PM

WASHINGTON D.C. – Today it was reported that unusual submarine activity was reported in and around the deep-sea burial site of Osama bin-Laden. Pentagon officials have been mum, but many have speculated that the body of terrorist Osama bin-Laden has been snatched from the ocean deep.
With not even a month in his cold wet grave bin-Laden seems to be now in the hands of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Reports are leaking out of the White House that it was one of Iran’s new subs commissioned last year.
It appears that the heavily reinforced body bag of bin-Laden was meant to be found by the Defense Department since it was dropped down to nearly eleven thousand feet with a GPS signaling device. Obviously, it seems that the Iranians have discovered the top-secret frequency used by the device and quickly snatched the body.
Further reports indicate that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be making a special announcement to the world from Tehran.
“At this point” said Vice President Biden, “we have nothing to say, sorry.”

Copyright #38629442 – The Washington Post

President Obama finished reading the article off the wire and promptly threw up. It landed everywhere, the desk, chair, rug and his new suit. It was embarrassing, since he was with a group of his trusted aids in the Oval Office. As he quickly headed for the side bathroom where Monica and Bill used to rendezvous this President was there for another reason - cleanup.

As he emerged brushing off chunks of beef and noodles Romanof he yelled “That God-damn Iranian is wrecking my party and I won’t stand for it.” Then he immediately belched up more remaining pieces of beef which caused his torso to buckle in a giant cramp that sent him back to the toilet where he nearly plunged his entire head into the commode.
Vice President Biden couldn’t understand why the President was blowing dinner since Michelle cooked it, a tradition in the Obama family, the dinner, not the throwing up, as the 840th day of Obama Presidency kept flushing.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Minister Louis Abdul-Haleem Farrakhan Muhammad, Sr. – “Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?” – 3:33 P.M. March 21st 2011
Dave knew why the President had dragged his feet in helping the European coalition attack Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi in Libya, and it wasn’t because he was indecisive. It was because he knew the President had personally seen the millions of petrodollars that came in from Gaddafi to Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam while in Farrakhan’s headquarters in Chicago. A lot of that cash was redirected to a personal slush fund for the Senator, now President, and Farrakhan knew it. Farrakhan had the President by the balls, and one comment from Calypso-Louie and the jig would literally be up.

Dave knew there would be problems with the action against Libya and that it could expose the President's loyalty to a known terrorist. It could be construed as aiding and abetting a terrorist, along with violating the human rights of the Libyan people. He knew this made the President nervous and it showed every time he was on the tube. Any connection to Gaddafi’s money and the President would be an impeachable offense. The President’s past was getting to close too the surface and he couldn’t stop it from bubbling into the media, especially when his old Black-Muslim buddy in Chicago was spouting off over the weekend with threats of “who the hell do you think you are Barack Hussein Obama?”
Hillary Clinton was looking more like Superwomen after the past three weeks of infighting with the President. She knew what she was dealing with. Hillary had already been briefed on Obama’s past, two years ago, and knew he had many Achilles heals that could hamper him from making decisions, and this was one of them. She knew that when these moments would occur it would be very beneficial to her future political ambitions if she capitalized on the event.
But, Dave didn’t have time for this political intrigue; he had bigger fish to fry. From most of the intel he was receiving from around the world, in his thirty plus years at the agency, he had never seen such chaos and disorder. It was as though the entire third world was unraveling. There were always moving parts, but now there were more of them and moving faster than the speed of light. What was even more troubling was Africa and the Middle East. It literally was imploding in front of his very eyes, and he knew George was out there in the middle of it all carrying out his off-the-grid mission of God knows what.
Dave was running all of this through his mind when he set his late afternoon coffee down in the console of his BMW and pulled over after noticing someone was following him in a white rental van with the obvious advertisements on the sides. They had been there for almost 12 miles as he drove deeper into the rolling Virginia countryside from Langley. He was armed with two extra clips, something he had started doing since Obama took office. He didn’t need this shit right now. After exhuming George's dummy last week he felt he was being watched, but by whom? If the company knew that he was aware of George's operations, which the boys upstairs wanted hush-hush, would they go extreme on his ass by taking him out. That was inconceivable to his logical mind, but it wouldn’t be the first time his logical mind was wrong as three lead projectiles pierced his rear window with the sounds of dull thuds, penetrating his passenger-side floor.
Time to go, as he took off with the quickness the best the Bavarian Motor Works had to offer as the 779th day of the Obama Presidency was out of town again.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Obama – George Preston - Rest in Peace - 4:30 A.M. Sunday March 13th 2011

The act of hypocrisy by liberal congressmen draping themselves in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, the documents they consistently ignore, have done everything they could to derail Congressman Peter King’s hearing on a radical Muslim movement in America this week.
With that hearing as a backdrop, one of President Obama’s aids came back from the Headquarters for the Joint Chiefs with instructions for him to fire P. J. Crowley for insinuating that the military was mishandling Bradley Manning, who was being detained for releasing hundreds of thousands of military and State Department top secret messages. Not only was this directive provocative but it was fueled with an observation made by the aid of a new framed map of Egypt behind Admiral Mullen’s desk. Thus, reminding the President whose court he was playing on.
Meanwhile, on the sprawling lawns of Arlington National Cemetery at 2:30 A.M. Dave and Jimmy risked their reputations and high-level jobs to exhume the body of George Preston, the now deceased C.I.A. agent who seemed to still have answers for these two grave robbers.
They both felt awkward doing what would normally be done by subcontractors, but Dave got such push-back from his superiors to obtain a DNA verification of George’s remains, that he felt he’d better do it himself. The reaction of his superiors was very troubling to Dave since it was likened to touching the electrified third rail of a commuter track. Why would they deny such a mundane request, he thought, which led to a hundred more questions that Dave had no answers to.
Dave knew that the answers to his questions now literally lay beneath his feet in the hallowed grounds of this national cemetery that was being patrolled every three hours, so there was no time to waste.
Two shovels and two very in-shape men made a quick dig of it as they hit the casket after two hours. The two men looked at each other as they pried open the new military issued casket. Jimmy with his razor quickly slit what looked like a plastic body-bag and like a McDonald’s Happy Meal revealed its prize.
What lay within that bag answered everything that Dave could question. There was no need for doing DNA testing on a dummy. He now knew that George was still alive, operational and that the Joint Chiefs were operating an off-the-grid program to derail the global radical Muslim movement. Dave felt good that George, his old buddy, was still alive and still tearing up Eastern Africa. He knew that if anyone could connect the Administration to this movement it would be George as the 771st day of the Obama Presidency was rapidly digging its own grave.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

C.I.A. - Who Went Rogue in East Africa? - 8:00 P.M. Thursday March 3rd 2011

For the past two months Dave had painstakingly gone over reports coming in from East Africa. His surveillance operatives in the region had picked up on anti-al Qaeda actions and had been forwarding the details back to Dave at Langley. These were actions not authorized by the C.I.A. and Dave had spent most of the past ten weeks trying to figure out who it was. As the weeks rolled by it was clear to him that the style and timing of these well-planned countermeasures against al Qaeda training camps and actual disruptions of terrorist attempts were not being performed by an amateur.

Whoever it was, they were thorough and quick about it. Like lightning, they hit with explosive speed, then disappeared; vanished to strike again with the same voracity. Dave recognized U.S. training in some of the ops, with a spattering of old time Russian K.G.B. tricks that made him believe it was a well seasoned operative. The part of these operations that smelled C.I.A. was right out the training manual with some creative twists for flair. It was the flair that really made Dave think. It was almost as though whoever was orchestrating these attacks was sending Dave a message of who he was. A signature or fingerprint, a sort of bragging about what he had done. All of this was actually driving Dave nuts because it all seemed so familiar yet new.

All of Dave’s ex-associates and current sub-contractors were accounted for, and most of them didn’t have anywhere near the style of these successful operations. It was rare for al Qaeda to be hurt so badly in this region. In the past few months al Qaeda must have lost over a thousand men and tons of munitions. These clandestine operatives had definitely left a mark on their psyche because most of the chatter being received from the area was more about when this force was going to attack again, rather than when their operations would move forward. It appeared that whoever it was that was crippling these thugs of the desert had brought the whole program to a standstill.

Dave was praying it was somebody he had done business with before and could eventually coordinate future authorized attacks with. But getting this self-proclaimed Robin Hood’s attention was the hard part. If al Qaeda, who was on the ground and in-theater couldn’t find him, how could Dave? That was now Dave’s big dilemma and he pondered it every day.

Jimmy and Dave had their regular Thursday night pizza and beer in Georgetown at Pizzeria Paradiso, where Dave caught up on the inside scoop on the President’s movements. The pressure was really on now with the new Tea Party led Congress putting the screws to the President at every turn. Between signing stopgap funding bills every two weeks to keep the government running and campaigning for his second term, he had no time for running the country and foreign affairs which both were showing neglect. The Middle East was falling apart with the so-called Democracy movement spreading to all parts of the globe. Even China was now embroiled in this turmoil with “The Jasmine Revolution” that had the ChiCom’s arresting thousands for demonstrating and spreading messages of discontent on the Internet.

Most of the President’s staff had changed and moved back to Chicago to run his 2012 campaign leaving him with an inexperienced skeleton staff that screwed up just about everything that came through the door. The new Press Secretary was a disgrace as a spokesman for the office and cast a transparent veil over the inexperienced President. Jimmy actually felt sorry for the guy, once in a while, as he heard the First Lady screaming at him for some bullshit thing that Rush Limbaugh said about her. “Why can’t you have him killed,” she ranted on at the President as he responded in a weak mousy voice, “Who do you think I am J. Edgar Hoover?”

Dave laughed at that while taking his last bite of pepperoni pizza when Jimmy brought up someone who Dave thought was dead and buried in Arlington. Jimmy mentioned how slick the idea was of planting GPS microchips into Muslim prayer rugs. He asked, ‘Whose idea was that anyway,” as George Preston’s face flashed into his mind, someone he had almost forgotten about. It was as though Jimmy had broke open a dam and thousands of memories of operations they shared over the decades together rushed into his mind like a red dye enveloping clear water. As these thoughts rendered Dave speechless, he began to meld the past with the present. Jimmy’s voice became more like a distant mumble rather than someone sitting across the table. For what seemed like an eternity Jimmy kept asking, “What’s wrong, what’s wrong?” as he slowly put together the puzzle of who was operational in East Africa. Dave thought it wasn't possible that George Preston was still alive as the 761st day of the Obama Presidency called Rush Limbaugh while the First Lady listened in.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Obama – “I’d Rather Be Here in Afghanistan with You” – Bullshit – 6:44 A.M. Friday December 3rd 2010

The bullshit was piling higher and higher as the President addressed U.S. Military troops at Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan today when he stated "At this time of year, Americans are giving thanks for all the blessings that we have. And as we begin this holiday season, there is no place that I'd rather be than be here with you."

“What a bunch of crock,” Pfc. Brandon Skinner from Oklahoma said to his buddy Steve from a little town outside of Atlanta. “That piece of shit never served. He has no idea what we face here, let alone, he’d rather be here with us, are you fuck’n kidding me man?” Thus the general mood of the troops, knowing that this three hour holiday visit was done so far ahead of Christmas that the troops felt slighted knowing he was visiting now so not to interrupt his Hawaiian Christmas vacation and his many rounds of golf. It could be noted that no President in recent history was more loathed than Barack Obama by his troops. If they could frag him and get away with it they would. But they knew he would be gone soon enough so patience and tolerance was the order of the day, for now.

The cool chilling wind of Obama’s symbolic visit to only his troops, had reached the Presidential palace of Hamid Karzai in Kabul. Karzai was officially on Obama’s shit-list. Obama was now treating Afghanistan as an occupied territory by N.A.T.O. and ignoring the corrupt government now run by its illegally elected President and his drug running brother. If the brothers Karzai lasted a few more weeks in power the world would be surprised as General Petraeus took more of a MacArthur-ish role in the country.

As the President slept while crossing the polar icecaps, again, his one political threat, Hillary Clinton, was announcing her end in government service. It appeared that this past week’s WikiLeaks release destroyed any hope of her taking the Presidency away from Obama in 2012. The well timed release was a dump of over two hundred thousand State Department communiqués that labeled Clinton as a conniving and untrustworthy ally. Everything from spying to name calling exposed her petty demeaning mannerisms, which would someday be called un-presidential by an accusing sitting President. That was Obama’s checkmate leaving just an unnamed Republican candidate to face off with in 2012.

Obama’s foreign handlers who controlled WikiLeaks worked overtime to make sure that many more releases would come forth to disrupt most that would be called American, with the President’s approval.

Meanwhile back at the ranch Dave was getting a text from Jimmy who was on Air Force One with the President. It read “Karzai is a dead man – soon – talk when I get back – heard – saw” as the 671st day of the Obama Presidency ran his tongue over the dissolving stitches still in his mouth.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Obama - What Really Happened to the President’s Lip – 10:00 A.M. November 26th 2010

The First Lady on the war path again, hated everything about her life in the White House and the man that caused it, the President. In the middle of her rage she took aim with a left handed backswing that could have knocked out an elephant. Her wedding ring caught his lip with a tearing motion that sent the President screaming to the floor in pain. Three secret service men including Jimmy rushed into the private chambers and helped the President up from his K-O. Blood was all over his shirt and face as his wife glared at him like a panther that wasn’t quite finished with her prey. They rushed him down to the White House medical facilities for a cold compress and to gather his top aides to decide what to do about this embarrassing incident. Valerie suggested they shuffle him off to his gym and stage him walking out of it holding his mouth with a hanky, which is exactly what they did. The cover-up would help quell any questions about his now ballooning lip that needed a bunch of stitches for sure.

This was all he needed with North Korea on the verge of bombarding another sector of the South and U.S. war ships now positioned to offer a counterattack if provoked. Things were falling apart around the world as the seeds of his surrender tour a year earlier were now sprouting like Jack’s beanstalk.

Wikileaks was now threatening to expose many of the Administration’s secret communiqués between allies and other members of the administration. That was the part that concerned them the most, the inter-office name calling of allies. Some of the name calling wasn’t so nice and if there ever was a time when the true colors of this President were to be revealed it would be now. That’s why the White House had spent the last two weeks preparing those very allies for the damaging insults they would soon hear as the 664th day of the Obama Presidency blamed his fat lip on a Latino elbow.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Obama – The General is Coming – High Noon November 14th 2010

As the President peered out of a porthole on Air Force One, his flying trailer-like home away from home inched closer and closer to the mess he left over ten days ago. While he was away accomplishing nothing it seemed that the mess he had created back home had grown exponentially. The announced resignation of David Axelrod was expected by him, but he had hoped David could have stayed a bit longer. This left only second and third stringers to guide him through his last two years in office and he was feeling again, a little abandoned by his friends from Chicago.

What most of America knew by now was that the clowns that he brought with him into the White House had tried to guide him to a more successful Presidency. But at every turn he felt he knew better and ignored their advice. So, they are now leaving in droves, after all why stick around for the hangings since it could be their necks being stretched.

This weekend was especially important since Karzai in Afghanistan announced he wanted U.S. troops out, and the head of the British military said, “al-Qaeda couldn’t be beat.” What was not reported and virtually flew under the media radar was that Senator John McCain had just spent a few days in Afghanistan with General Petraeus and Karzai. Most important was McCain’s meeting with Petraeus. It was decided on a swirling dusty battlefield in central Afghanistan that America would sacrifice the war temporarily for the leadership back home of the General. The fix was in as all the dominoes started falling into place. With a well orchestrated announcement by Karzai to pull troops, the contrived coup de grace for the coalition troop’s expedition, into a seemingly unwinnable war in Afghanistan, was proclaimed.

This was what the President had been seeking since he took office, no wars in Asia at any cost. The Joint Chiefs had an iron grip on the war that not even the President could release. With the elected President of Afghanistan now calling for the removal of troops, even they had to let loose. The only wild card now was, if Karzai didn’t live, a very big possibility considering the forces at work.

But, closing out the Afghan War was something he could hang his tattered hat on and help his re-election bid. Of course, with all good news comes the bad. The end of the Afghan War would free up General Petraeus for a run for President in 2012. This was something the President was not looking forward to. A war hero and a General who is admired by all in congress and America would make him look like the amateur he is and he would do anything to stop his bid for office. The General intimidated the young and inexperienced President and it showed every time they met. Any debates between the two would be disastrous for the President, for the intimidation would show all over his face and in his voice. Petraeus was the man he knew he couldn’t beat as the 652nd day of the Obama Presidency slipped on his shades while admiring the glaring white ice caps over the North Pole or was that PalinLand?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Obama – Veterans Day - Generation Handout – 5:34 A.M. Thursday, November 11th 2010

Ever since Dave entered government service, first joining the State Department in 1981 than on to the C.I.A., he always felt at war. His five years prior in the United States Marine Corp helped solidify his feelings. It wasn't so much that, he was at war, but the  country was at war, and in fact it was. Most Americans, after Vietnam in the early ‘70s, stretching as far as 1991 with the invasion of Kuwait, felt the country was at peace. The superiority of U.S. forces had a way of insulating most Americans in those days from the real threats out there that could take their way of life down very quickly. With a volunteer army and no working draft, kids for decades grew up without the fear of being dragged into the military to fight what was perceived as regional skirmishes around the world by U.S. and NATO forces.

Until nine eleven America had a full generation of adults who had not experienced a direct threat to the country. They grew up without worrying about Soviet subs patrolling off both coasts armed with instant death that was calculated down to twenty minutes. After nine eleven this generation knew of a threat but it wasn’t as threatening as a giant Soviet Union with its bogus economic system. Most within this generation were raised as if in a test tube, insulated from everything, from pedophiles to ICBM’S.

It was now that generation that was doing double duty in Asia fighting a religious war that biblically was foretold so many years ago. They volunteered, they didn’t cry about it, and they served with pride as the country for the most part didn’t even know they were gone. It was the rest of that generation that Dave worried about. It was the ones who couldn’t recognize a socialist doctrine if it hit them between the eyes.

It could be said that at this moment the West had a presence in Asia, and that’s about it. Stalemate could best describe our situation there. Dave knew this, and with the lack of resolve from our current President, it was just a matter of time before the whole region fell to Iran. He knew we were losing real ground on the home front, with this uninvolved generation expecting a handout from a handout government. What was the point of fighting for all these decades when our own kids were embracing a socialist Congress and President? It was capitalism and democracy we were fighting for, right? Dave pondered his embedded beliefs.

Needless to say, Dave knew the President was now in South Korea speaking to our troops for Veterans Day, the troops that represented that portion of a generation worth their weight in gold as the 649th day of the Obama Presidency took daggers from 19 of the G-20 members.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Obama – The Reckless Caesar – 1:33 A.M. Monday November 8th 2010

For Jimmy it was like old home week. Nearly the entire Secret Service was with the President in Mumbai and it gave him a chance to catch up with some friends. He had met all of them while attending the Basic Criminal Investigation Training Course at Glynco, Georgia. He had never seen so many of his fellow guards together in one place and at one time. After speaking to many of his old buddies, it was agreed by all that they had never seen such a show of power and strength put together and all wondered why.

Needless to say, the President’s trip could only be compared historically to Teddy Roosevelt and Mark Anthony’s visits to Japan and Egypt. The U.S. battleships sitting just outside the mouth of Mahim Bay stood symbolically as Obama’s big-stick, a technique used by both historical figures to get their way. But, Jimmy after working with Dave at the C.I.A., knew that the show of force wasn’t for the Indians, it was for their neighbors to the west, Pakistan.

The whole trip had messages on multiple levels and could be considered by many as reckless and by some as brilliant. It was clear that the President was attempting to look Nixionian by opening up the soon-to-be most populous country in the world. By 2030 China would be the second most populous country, leaving India with the most people.

Most economists had anticipated this move by the U.S. but were puzzled by the President’s timing. Politically he had just destroyed his party back home in the midterm elections and was desperately searching for some achievement he could claim for his 2012 re-election bid. The naysayers claimed that this move was too soon and too bold. They felt that it would jeopardize the cozy relationship with Beijing that had been around for nearly forty years. It also put pressure on the U.S. debt that China now held. Piss them off, and they might foreclose, that was something the President wasn’t prepared for. At first blush many wondered if in his desperation to save his own political hide he was jeopardizing a well oiled trading partner in China.

This move also put more unneeded pressure on Muslim Pakistan, who has been battling India for decades over Cashmere. By his announcement today that the U.S. would back India being a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, it sent ripples through the embattled neighbor to the west and to the north, China. A trade war with China would not sit well with the American people since everything they used is made there. If China wanted, they could, and rightfully so, increase the cost of living for the average American overnight, something the Administration would be blamed for.

It was as though the President had divided Asia in one fell swoop. This was leaving Iran to control Pakistan and Afghanistan while the U.S. allied with India, alienating China and setting up possible conflicts with Japan.

What was remarkable about all of this was that it was possible that this President hadn’t even considered all that had been mentioned and that he was doing this only to have a single talking point for his re-election campaign in 2012. That was the narcissistic brilliance of it all as the 647th day of the Obama Presidency took an extra moment to admire himself in the mirror as clocks in the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel momentarily stopped.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Obama – The Two Billion Dollar Presidential Vacation - 1:00 P.M. Wednesday November 3rd 2010

The news was grim for the Democrats as Dave scrolled through the election results on his special newsfeed from the Agency. He felt the midterm elections were going to be a game changer and they were. Now Washington had to survive two years of gridlock when they should be taking decisive steps to save themselves, the country that is. But that was Washington in all its confusing glory.

Dave stretched out on his executive chair and gave out a big yawn. He was still tired. Four hours sleep was about all he could fit in these days with suitcase nukes floating all over the place and not one lead, as of this morning. Langley was buzzing with activity this afternoon due to the letter bombs sent to many European heads of state, and God knows who else. There was now a lone shooter taking potshots at military buildings throughout the D.C. area, with one happening this morning. When was this shit going to stop he thought, as he sipped on his after-lunch double espresso?

It was no secret that after Obama’s inauguration it was open season for all the kooks and nuts in the world and everyone in Washington was on the hit list as targets. That was one of many reasons why Dave was now packing again. He knew that this shooter was up to no good and would eventually start targeting people. He no doubt was a Muslim who was looking for a one-way ticket to his seventy-two virgins. He most likely got his orders from Yemen where the letter bombs originated. Dave saw a perfect symmetry to all of this and it pleased him in a distorted C.I.A. sort of way. It was now one P.M. and Dave clicked on his office TV to watch his leader make a fool out of himself. The losses last night were massive and the President’s face showed it. He thought how complex this man must be to have so much evil spinning around him while most suspected but couldn’t quite prove it. His persona was very much like Tiger Woods, winning tournaments while being married with kids and juggling four or five mistresses as the world thought they were watching the perfect man on the tour. It was all a sham and it looked like our very own President was doing the very same thing to the American people, screwing them. Still, most in the country thought of him as one cool cat.

It sickened Dave to watch this dangerous clown on TV and he switched it off near what seemed to be the end. He had so much going on. This regal Presidential two billion dollar trip to Mumbai, India was still a mystery to most including Dave’s people in the Agency and the Pentagon. There was a lot of speculation as to why the trip was so elaborate and it would be the most expensive trip taken by any American President which wasn’t going down well with the peasants. The President did his dandiest to keep it quiet but a bunch of boys in the Agency got wind of the details and made it known to Rush Limbaugh. That’s when the shit hit the fan and the rest of the country went nuts as the 642nd day of the Obama Presidency felt the cold hands of his father, pulling him down, into his grave.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Obama – Why Is the President Leaving the Country – With Everything - 12:29 A.M. Thursday October 28th 2010

Jimmy cleared Dave through the White House grounds gatehouse by phone and met him half way up the long driveway coming from the White House. Since Jimmy was Secret Service, it was easy for Dave to enter with his approval. They shook hands when they met and slowly turned up the wet shiny driveway and started walking very slowly back towards the gatehouse Dave had just come through. The rain had subsided to a gentle mist that when hit by the light of the ancient lamps on the grounds made it seem like snow being blown in swirls and sweeps. Both men in their khaki Burberry trench coats without epaulettes looked like Bobbsey Twins. Jimmy towered over Dave by at least a foot and had another foot on him in the beam.

Dave said nothing upon meeting, while Jimmy whispered to Dave, “Say nothing, we must get out of here. The listening devices can pick up everything, let’s get off the grounds, past the gate,” as Jimmy picked up the pace and checked both of them off the grounds.

As they quickly moved past the barricades that circled the White House, which were built years ago to guard against terrorist truck bombs, Jimmy started talking, and boy did he talk. He went on for about forty-five minutes until Dave stopped walking and just stared at Jimmy with amazement at what he was just told.

It was no secret that the President was in trouble politically. His polls had sunk into the upper thirties and he was about to lose both houses in less than a week from his blatant disregard of the will of the people. What Jimmy explained was that the very next day, the day after the election, he was leaving for India and for quite awhile. At first blush the front-end of Jimmy’s story was almost harmless until you thought about how long he would be gone and what he was taking with him. Heads of State, when moving across the globe, usually take a few planes and back up supplies with equipment just in case, but for this President to take over forty aircraft with a complete mobile White House including hundreds of support staff and equipment, one would wonder if he was ever coming back. It was as though something was going to happen back here in the States and it wasn’t going to be pretty.

Jimmy had gleaned all of this from reports that he was reviewing since he would be on board Air Force One with the President when they left. The entire First Family, including the First mother-in-law and many friends would be accompanying them. When they arrived in India they would have the complete run of the five hundred and sixty room Taj Mahal Palace Hotel with four pools and two golf courses. All of this nonsense seemed more like Noah’s Ark than a diplomatic journey to one of our biggest trading partners.

Unfortunately, there was now the back end of Jimmy’s information that gave Dave one of those triple headaches that made you want to shoot yourself. Jimmy had overheard a meeting with the President's biggest supporter, and it was about suitcases. Jimmy wasn’t sure who this man was but he had an eastern European accent and was in his seventies. Jimmy was in an outer chamber but could hear everything that was said. This man told the President that everything was in place. They had moved them across the border and it was now up to him, the President, to do the right thing.

Jimmy knew of the nukes from Dave so when this foreign man spoke of suitcases he put two and two together and came up with a nuclear reaction as the 635th day of the Obama Presidency made sure they didn’t forget the dog this time.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Obama – Dave and Vince Flynn - 9:32 P.M. Wednesday October 27th 2010

As the swirling wind periodically forced the early fall rain to sound like hands full of sand being tossed against Dave’s bedroom window, he placed Vince Flynn’s new novel down on his lap. With a backdrop of classical chamber music playing, always Bach, Dave dwelled on the title, American Assassin. Dave liked Vince, he was one of the good guys, not out to destroy the organization that did its best to protect the country from the bad guys. He wasn’t a Rolling Stone Magazine, ready to take down a magnificent career of a courageous General like McChrystal. Vince was a true American who loved his country and saw its vulnerabilities. Ever since the ‘60s liberal Hollywood movies and most published authors, who always seemed to be liberal, did their best to demonize the C.I.A. Most within the company were pretty gun-shy when this dyslectic late-bloomer came knocking for information, but Dave took an immediate liking to him in those dark days of 2002 just after 9/11 and right before the Iraqi invasion. Dave was up to his eyeballs those days with impossible tasks, but took the time to explain the inner workings of a modern intelligence agency. Thankfully, all of his time and effort quickly paid off since Vince published book after book on the superior effectiveness of the modern day Central Intelligence Agency. Dave knew it wouldn’t hurt to advertise, especially in a connected world where everybody had an opinion about everything.
The arrest of Farooque Ahmed today in Northern Virginia was another feather in Dave’s hat since he had handed him off to F.B.I. earlier in the year. He was hoping that Farooque had a connection to the suitcase nukes, but it seemed he was just another lone nutcase that hated America.
Dave tried to relax and think about anything but nukes as the rain kept pounding outside. He always felt guilty relaxing; after all who in their right mind could relax when there are nukes floating around the country ready to kill thousands.
It was now quiet inside his small condo, just on the edge of Georgetown University’s campus. The music had ended and he was at a good breakpoint in his book when his cell rang; it was Jimmy. “I’ve got something for you Dave,” as the 634th day of the Obama Presidency quickly got dressed and headed out to meet Jimmy on the White House grounds.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Obama – The Ghost of a Thousand Sins – 6:45 P.M. Monday October 25th 2010

Dave occasionally took time after work to drive down to the Potomac near Arlington to get in an early evening run. The winding path that followed the river which eventually emptied into the Chesapeake was popular with tourists and romantics. The oak and maple trees that lined the path, now after a hot and humid summer held their treasure of fall colors. It was the perfect backdrop to the magnificence of the massive monuments of granite and marble that popped up every half mile or so.

He felt good this evening and the cool, crisp air on his face was stimulating as he occasionally glanced at the river rushing southeastward. It was moments like this that Dave missed the most when he was on assignment overseas for the Agency. Eating sand in eastern Africa, going weeks without a shower in western Afghanistan, and sweating your balls off in the jungle of remote Filipino island, were the small sacrifices he made to know that all of this was safe because of the work he did to protect it.

Dave had spent the past week reviewing information that was pouring in from around the world on his top priority, the suitcase nukes, that were now in the country. It was his first run since early last week, and he couldn’t shake his work from his head, as he picked up the pace that was fueled by his frustration with the White House and certain congressional committees that kept tying his hands from doing the work that needed to be done. He suspected the President was doing everything possible to stop his investigation and it drove him nuts.

For men like Dave who risk their lives every day for America, it was unconscionable to imagine a sitting president sabotaging an investigation that could save thousands of American lives. It was nothing short of treason, a word not used enough on the Hill these days.

It was getting darker now as he rounded his halfway point and headed back in the direction of his car. He had just another mile and half to go, when he suddenly heard someone coming up behind him. Whoever it was, they were moving pretty fast and seemed about fifty feet behind him. It was now just Dave and this unknown runner on the path as it got much darker. By the sound of his running he was big and was in good shape judging by the rapid footwork. Dave always dreaded moments like this, that moment when you’re not ready for the ghost of a thousand sins. As Dave picked up the pace his shadow did so in turn, convincing Dave that he had a problem. For the next two hundred paces about fifteen faces came into Dave’s mind, faces that would give anything to see him dead.

Unfortunately, while Dave was reminiscing about old enemies the pounding feet of the unknown runner was getting closer. Dave knew that Washington had changed in the past two years and no one could be trusted. The country was under attack by just about everyone, and operatives were disappearing weekly. Dave knew drastic times meant drastic measures as he quickly spun to his left off the path onto the grass next to an old oak tree. From under his sweatshirt he pulled out his Taurus 650 revolver and pointed it at the black image now coming into the light of a streetlamp just a few feet away. As Dave pulled back the trigger and set up his head shot he heard the image say, “What the fuck are you on, jet fuel?” as a burly African American voice blurted out. “Down boy, it’s only me Jimmy,” as the 633rd day of the Obama Presidency headed out for pizza and a beer.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Obama – Bring Me the Head of Juan Williams - 11:34 A.M. Tuesday October 19th 2010

“Yes, George, yes, George, yes, okay, I agree something needs to be done. Are you going to take care of this on your side?” The President paused as George Soros, a Jew, on the other end pondered his options. “Good, then I can get back to my campaigning. I’ll talk to you when you get back from Zurich.”

It appeared that George, who was one of the wealthiest men in the world, was getting a lot of flak from his Saudi financiers and backers over comments made by Juan Williams, a contributing talking head at Fox, who also worked for National Public Radio, which Soros had just sunk his claws into with a one point eight million dollar grant. George had basically taken over NPR and was going to turn it into his own personal spy network that would station two agents slash reporters in every state capital in America to pull dirty tricks and subvert news reports that would affect candidates and issues that would potentially weaken his hold on the country. The frightening fact was that his plan will work and work well to solidify his agenda in destroying the United States as we know it.

He hated Fox and Rupert Murdock, a Jew, who owned Fox. Since Rupert started putting the squeeze on local cable carriers to drop his infected liberal mainstream media who where bleeding red ink every quarter, Soros could see the handwriting on the wall, as more and more of his channels would be dropped by the cable providers for lack of viewership and revenue. Yes, it appeared that America was at war with itself for the hearts and minds of every American. The forces from the left, Soros and company were downright evil and a threat to every American. Soros frankly wanted to slowly dismantle the country by smothering out any opposing views, like Fox News. The President and George knew that if they could make Fox go away they would have it all, and would be able to feed America the news they wanted them to see, which would not necessarily be the truth.

The interesting thing about all of this is that both Soros and Murdock weren’t even Americans, yet they had found themselves battling over the minds of all Americans.

George had decided to fire Juan Williams from NPR, so he ordered the brass at the not-so-popular network to do so. Juan made his comments on Monday night on Fox and it was now Tuesday afternoon. NPR told George that it would take a day, after their legal reviewed the request. That’s when George blew and in his broken eastern European accent screamed, “Listen you son of a bitch I don’t care about lawsuits, just fire that fucker, now.”

The war had begun. Murdock was squeezing the mainstream media to commit hari-kiri, while Soros was sending the wrath of God to every journalist in the country that if you stepped out of line you’d be standing in an unemployment line like Rick Sanchez and Juan Williams as the 627th day of the Obama Presidency packed for the West Coast.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Obama – Bring Me the Head of Rupert Murdock 8:30 A.M. Monday October 18th 2010

Valerie Jarrett, one of the President’s chief advisers and old friend of the family from Chicago, could hardly keep her feet propped on the top of the Resolution Desk in the Oval Office. It was early, too early for the President, so she used this precious time to act out her grandest fantasy, being President.

Three workmen were hanging the fourth Presidential flat screen TV on the wall while she fantasized of global power and having control of the American people. Deep down inside she knew she was a dictator who had the guts to crush any foe, foreign or domestic. She would run this show a lot differentially than Barry. Her idea of control was strict obedience or die, something the President was just a cheeseburger away from, in his governing according to her. Valerie knew that a takeover such as the one they were in you had to really stir the pot, to weed out the ones that would not conform. Her first order as Ms. President would be to jail the entire Tea Party, even if it took filling up every football stadium, such as what they did during the D.C. anti-war demonstrations in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw him flash into to the room, “A-ha I caught ya,” the President said, chuckling at his friend as she fell off his chair and on to the floor with a thud. “Oh, Mr. President, I was waiting for you, and I have something interesting to discuss with you,” as she dusted herself off from the grand fall that almost put another crack in her butt.

“Go ahead Valerie, I’ve got a busy day so we have to make it quick, what is it?” “It’s Fox, sir.” The happy mood of the President turned to gloom as his face tightened up with anger. “Okay, what have they said this time?” “Nothing sir, it’s what they’re doing.” “And what is it they’re doing?”

She went on to explain to the President that Fox, who is owned by News Corp, which Rupert Murdock the billionaire from Australia owns, was going to shut down the mainstream media. Murdock had been a major thorn in the Presidents side since he took office, criticizing just about everything he did. He even went as far as to say they weren’t a proper news agency. That attack last year got him into hot water from the rest of the media, even from the left.

This time it was obvious to Valerie that Murdock was in for the kill of the mainstream media, which was the darling of this President and it was mutual. The problem was that the branch of the media that backed his policies was sinking fast and bleeding red with every quarterly financial statement. They would all be out of business before his last days in office, as most of America was now watching Mr. Murdock’s Fox News Channel for reliable information. Reliable information was something the mainstream media was lacking, thus the decline.

Murdock targeted the New York television market as his first victim. It was simple math. If the vast majority was watching his channels he told the subscribing cable networks that if they wanted to carry his shows and its massive audience, they’d have to pony up a new fee that totaled the entire amount charged by all of the mainstream media. It came down to a dollar and cents issue, lose the audience or lose the mainstream media. This sent shivers up the President's spine because without them he was lost. Of course, he was already lost; he just didn’t know it yet as the 626th day of the Obama Presidency called the Attorney General to bring charges up on Murdock for extortion.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Obama – The Bravery of the American Cyber Patriots of 2010 – 5:33 P.M. Sunday October 17th 2010

It seemed that only mindless union members and college kids with heads full of mush, who had nearly zero life experience would come out to hear the President in Ohio today. The first lady accompanied him to keep an eye on her man as he slid through the lines of college coeds at Ohio State. The vast majority of people in Ohio had already made their decision about this socialist and his plan for America and they wanted no part of it. Ohio was lost as far as he was concerned but he had to at least look like he was trying. Mind you, this was a President who at this point of his Presidency had the least amount of advisers and guidance politically. He was flying blind. He was flying on his own and wasn’t very good at it, which his polls pointed too.

The polls were indicating that Republicans would take the House and maybe the Senate. What the polls weren’t showing was that many disenfranchised voters that had stopped voting years ago because of their disdain for the corruption and the government’s ineffectiveness, were now motivated. Over the years the government had become so big and overbearing it was now about to turn on its citizens. It no longer was a tool for the people but was now going to be a tool against the people and the majority of America finally realized it. They had woken from their long sleep.

This silent block of shadow voters that had been lurking for years, waiting for the moment to be heard was now upon us, as they gathered on every street corner on Friday nights with signs of their discontent. They made up a good part of the Tea Party. They were the people that just showed up, silently holding their signs and finally feeling better about themselves knowing that they had been right all along and not a bunch of kooks who had jumped the rail.

Many of them had found their wings on the new social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace. They were also using YouTube and Twitter to communicate their discontent. Their boldness came through loud and clear with nicknames like Conservative Thinker, Bonnie Liberty Belle, Hands Off America, Defend Arizona, BeArmed Citizen, Palin ECoalition, American Freedom, Rosie On the Right, TeaParty Pac, Tea Partyagainstamnesty, Vigilant Patriots, American Patriots, Tea-party Patriots-kc, Fort Bend Tea, Berks-Reading Pa Tea-Party, LoudounCountry Tea Party, Mid-Mo Tea-Party, Cooper-County Tea-Party, Callaway Tea-Party, Midsouth TeaParty, Tri-Country TeaParty, SouthCoast TeaParty, Daniel John TeaParty Patriots and Maury-County Teaparty-Patriots.

The colorfully named groups on Facebook dominated a good portion of the networking site with names such as American Majority, American Solution, Armed Forces Tea Party, Being Conservative, Black Tea Patriots, Charleston Tea Party, Citizens Against Government Waste, Clear the Bench Colorado, Conservative, Conservative Lady, Fly the American Flag, IMPEACH OBAMA, Impeach Nancy Pelosi, Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience, National Tea Party, PatriotsList, Proud to be an American, Richmond Tea Party, Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin, Send Barry Back to Kenya, STOP “Cap-and-Trade,” Support Our Troops, Take America Back, Take off your DAMN HAT during the National Anthem, Tea Party Brewing, Tea Party Day, Tea Party Patriots, TEA Party Patriots of Central Pennsylvania, Tea Party Union, TeaParty365, TED NUGENT FOR PRESIDENT, Tennessee Tea Party, The Right Mixx, The TEA Party Movement, True Conservatives, True Patriots, Houston Tea Party Society, Patriots in Exile, The Patriot Post, Patriot, True Patriots, Patriot Walk Across America, I am an American Patriot, United American Patriots, Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation and One True God Loving Patriots United.

It could honestly be said that there were thousands more on Facebook groups with and estimated average of one thousand to five thousand followers in each group.

Twitter the instant messaging system that had literally millions of American patriots talking on a daily basis, shooting news and ideas across the country like it was a Ping-Pong table. The code names they used were even more stirring, reflecting their patriotism.

But all of this was flying under the radar as Election Day approached. The President was clueless to the massive grassroots gathering that had formed. Never in America’s history had the electorate been so motivated and had the tools to keep the motivation going right into November 2nd. The magnitude was beyond any analyst’s expectation because the phenomenon was a once in several lifetime’s experience. It was historic by all measures. It was an army of millions of freedom loving patriots, marching across the internet to take their country back peaceably and by force if necessary. They meant business.

How could they even know how to measure this ground swell? Polls meant nothing as they kept pointing more and more to a landslide for the newly formed Tea Party candidates and the soon to be cleansed Republican Party.

By the end of the day the President’s voice was hoarse from trying so hard to use his only asset, the Teleprompter as the 625th day of the Obama Presidency sucked on a throat lozenge.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Obama – Carter the Traitor 4:48 A.M. Saturday October 16th 2010

Jimmy Carter was now known to be a disaster of a former President. He was the rejected, disenfranchised and indifferent bitter old man who left the ‘70s a shamble just as this President is doing to the first decade of the twenty-first century. They both are misguided twins of the dark side who think the world is civilized and without pitfalls, naive at best.

Carter was spending this evening with the President of Syria and his top security people in Damascus. It was no secret to Dave that Carter was there. Dave knew he was a loose cannon that needed to be reigned in, but it was pretty hard to tell a former President what to do, so he had him bugged and was monitoring everything he did and said.

Dave thought with guys like Carter around who needed enemies. He knew he’d sell out America for a slice of peach pie any day of the week. Dave knew that during the Presidential election Carter was bought off by Prince al-Waleed, the richest Muslim in the world, and got a five week free stay at one of the Prince’s resorts for being one of the first to endorse Obama. Carter was pro-Palestinian and had just released his book about his so called apartheid claims on Israel. Al-Waleed made sure that Carter’s book sold out, guaranteeing him millions as a kickback for his Obama endorsement.

Carter’s trip to Syria was a surprise to Dave, and he made sure his men quickly got in and out for the bugging. He went into his side office where he tracked the prayer rugs on twenty computers. He also had two computers that tracked Carter and had the ability to listen in on him live. He could hear Carter speaking and two translators responding to Carter's comments in English and Arabic.

Dave heard a familiar distinctive raspy voice in the room. The voice seemed to force all others to stop speaking when he talked. It was obvious; it was out of respect that they became silent while the distinct Farsi language was spoken. Even Carter shut up when he began to speak. This was big, Dave thought. Why would he be there, he wondered? What the hell is going on over there? Why would such a high level meeting occur with Carter and the President of Iran in Syria as the 624th day of the Obama Presidency communicated through Carter?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Obama – Now a National Security Risk – 5:38 P.M. Friday October 15th 2010

Dave had so many irons in the fire it was maddening. He now had fifty suitcase nukes in the U.S. that he had to find or thousands would die. He had GPS-bugged prayer rugs flying all over the place like it was Halloween and let’s not forget about the President who now was considered a national security risk by the upper echelons of both the Defense Department and the C.I.A.

He also had Operation: Alice in Wonderland which was the ongoing venture to contain Iran with internal sabotage and political dirty tricks. Oh and yes, several dozen naval ships patrolling off the southern coast of this thorn in the side of the Western World. Dave would love to unleash that firepower on the Mulas in Tehran and end this bullshit game of diplomatic niceties. The weaponry on the U.S.S Harry Truman alone could level the entire city of Tehran and the stealthy nuclear sub that patrolled nearby had enough nuclear megatons to destroy every major city in the country.

Of course, he knew it wasn’t that easy to just press buttons and poof the problem is solved. He knew that type of solution, these days, against Muslims would only cause more of a mess, but he loved to fantasize about it anyway. It made him feel better just knowing that he could.

The best way to describe the Iranian situation was that it was like a killing cancerous tumor living in a host that the host wanted out as soon as possible, but didn’t have the means or the will to do so. So, it was up to guys like Dave to do the work that the people of Iran didn’t have the guts to do. One wondered if they were even worth all the trouble. One thing he did know, many of those innocent civilians who refused to stand up for their rights would eventually die for the sins of their religious leaders as the 623rd day of the Obama Presidency kept leaking information to the enemy.
Obama – The American Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue - 1:35 P.M. Thursday October 14th 2010

The President felt pretty good this afternoon knowing that many of his handlers slash spies from the DNC were now gone or well on their way. He could now govern the way he felt he should. The method of governing that felt comfortable to him was not new in politics. Many had tried it and many had failed, but many had succeeded and were credited for murdering millions in their attempt to feed the ego that controlled them. After all, being right was a matter of who was left standing to oppose you, and this President knew that many would have to fall to prove his superior ways.

He knew deep inside himself that he would do anything not to end up like his defeated alcoholic father. Lying dead in the hot African sun of a third world country with flies already laying their larva in his wounds was not going to happen to him. But to lose his fight to radically change the American landscape now, just could send him into a spiral similar to his father’s and lead him to a similar demise. He would savagely resist any attempt of that happening. In other words, he wasn’t going to go away quietly.

He knew that the passion that drove his father was driving him, it was identical and it was merciless and relentless in its never ending presence. It dominated every aspect of his life like radar controlling a ship at sea and he knew he couldn’t run from it. It was who he was and he knew he’d have to let it play out, no matter the consequence.

Dictatorial power was the ultimate rush for this kind of man who craved its special high. He was now the leader of the free world and in his mind his aura had cast its spell on the hypnotized masses. The American people had given him the power to control them. Well, it was of course his perception that they did, but that was all that mattered, since it was always about him as the 622nd day of the Obama Presidency prepared the American nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue.