Friday, January 20, 2012

Obama - Assassins Everywhere

Dave could feel the walls closing in on him. He hated that feeling. That feeling when there's so many moving parts you can no longer rely on your memory to keep track of them. He could blame it all on Obama, but that would be too simplistic, he didn't know what the fuck he was doing and was more or less directed by the Joint Chiefs to take this last drastic step.
Dave knew that when Obama gave the blessing, well let's say he looked the other way, for Israel to send teams of assassins into Iran to take out nuclear scientists, there'd be fallout.
Obama never knew the '60s like Dave. The decade of assassination, that was the '60s. Got a problem, bump em off, President, labor leader, dictator or anyone that got in the way. It was quick and easy. But the problem was, that everyone became a target. Leaders couldn't do anything without fifty guards or Secret Service men trailing.
Somewhere in the '70s it all stopped, there was an informal truce between nations that the killing had to stop and it did. We than had decades of relative quiet in the killing business. Of course, if you weren't a high profile personality you got whacked, make no mistake about it. But the big guys were allowed to walk.
After two years of this new assassination policy Dave's worse fears had come to pass. With roving teams of hit-men from Iran now in the U.S. who were on the verge of taking out anyone with Iranian roots, he knew this form of retaliation was getting out of hand.
It was just yesterday that an Iranian medical student who was an activist working against the Ayatollah's regime in Tehran was assassinated in Texas by one of these teams. In addition, just before Christmas information was obtained from a domestic informant that the President's close friend and advisor in the White House, Valerie Jarrett was next on the hit parade. Iran knew that Jarrett was born in Iran and her hit would send a strong message to all Iranians living in America that when the time came they'd better stand with the mother country or else.
Jarrett now had twenty four hour Secret Service cover, but it wasn't enough, and Dave knew it. If they wanted, they could take her out or anyone else in a heart beat, it was just a matter of when.
Dave was informed by the State Department that Hillary wanted the Syrian U.S. Embassy closed. He knew that was always the last step before military action. War was near, he could smell it in the air. Israel was ready to move on Iran. Assassins were everywhere and there was no one to trust, except Jimmy.
He was glad that retired General Petraeus was now running the show at the agency. He had worked with the General in Desert Storm and found him to be honest and thorough. Penetta was too political for Dave. A nice guy, but not your typical head of the Central Intelligence Agency.
As the 1,021st day of the Obama Administration continued to pile mistake on mistake, the President wished he had stayed in Disney World.