Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Iranian Secret Nuke Deal

Valerie Jarrett, President Obama’s point person for the secret part of the Iranian nuke deal has for the past six months used the skills she picked up while serving under her former boss Mayor Daley of Chicago as his bagman. 
Bagman, bagwoman, bagperson, whatever you want to call it, she put together the biggest bag in bagman history and most of the spoils were headed into Barack Obama’s back pocket. With over $24 Billion of frozen Iranian assets both domestically and internationally Kerry and Obama had the pick of the crop of overseas assets to be transferred into their charitable trusts and secret corporations fronted by trusted straw men. The fix was in and they made sure that Hillary wasn't left out of the pirate’s bounty. That’s why Hillary had to win the Presidency in 2016, to keep the investigative dogs at bay.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, the President was wondering who Michelle was screwing under the swaying palms of Oprah’s secluded Eastern Maui estate in the very out of the way village of Hanna. She was pissed at him for his many affairs of both genders and she figured it was time to cut the cards. Michelle knew about the Iranian asset deal and she wanted her share now!
Barack knew he had to cut her in to keep her quiet. His loudmouthed bitch could sink him in a Chicago second and that won’t be allowed to happen. He had two choices, jam millions down her throat and if she wasn’t satisfied, shut her up for good with a hit from a loyal ex-Chicago cop.
Things weren't looking too good for Hillary and the President as the Senate released a damming bipartisan report on their Benghazi debacle. The cover-up was being uncovered leaving Hillary out in the cold for 2016 with many unanswered questions. The President was running out of excuses and blocks.
Michelle awoke from a long sexual night. Oprah slipped into her silk robe and headed back to her room while Generals and Admirals at the Pentagon roasted marshmallows’ around the campfire. They spoke quietly of Petraeus’s upcoming coup d’etat.
From the novel Now the Eagle – by N.P.Contompasis

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


As the first commercial Danish ship slipped out of the Port of Lattakia, Syria with the first load of Assad’s deadly weapons Ahmad busily prepared his assault boats on the Turkish side of the island of Cyrus. The U.N.’s plans were to keep the ship at sea, while being guarded by Red Chinese, Danish, Norwegian and Russian vessels.
Ahmad’s plans were simple. He is to highjack the vessel and point it towards the Port of Tel Aviv where his al Qaeda led group wipes out half the population of Israel with its deadly cargo. With China and Russia at the lead guarding this vessel it was worse than a fox guarding a henhouse. The fix was already in and Ahmad had a green light from the two quasi-super powers to board the deadly chemical laden nautical vessel of mass destruction. After taking control Ahmad knew that no country would be responsible for sinking this vessel and polluting half the Mediterranean with the deadly cargo. So, while the big-wigs talked about what to do he will have already reached his target.  
Russia and China know that Israel is the keystone to the Middle East, not Egypt. If Israel is crippled the West is done in the region and the Muslim Sunni-Shia regional war can wage on unbridled stopping oil and gas flows to the West. The balance of power globally would be devastating to the West and irreversible. The economic impact would be like a thousand nukes going off throughout Western capitals.
As Ahmad slipped off in the middle of the night headed towards his moment in history the U.S. President Obama was back after one of his lengthy vacations trying to distract the American people from his lies over his high-jacking of their healthcare system by quietly pushing an open door policy for the millions of illegal immigrants that are fleeing from the ever mounting global war.

From the Novel “Now the Eagle” – by Nicholas Contompasis