Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Obama - Scrooged

By Nicholas Contompasis

Like a vampire sucking the last drops of life from his victim, the President arrived for another fundraiser in Manhattan. With the well coordinated lighting of Rockefeller Square's Christmas tree, the President couldn't have pissed-off the locals more, as he closed off most streets that would normally be used for the festivities. It was as though he was purposely sabotaging another Christian holiday, again validation to most, of his Muslim beliefs.
This was the last straw for New Yorkers, who put up with his attempt to try the mastermind of nine eleven just blocks away from the fallen towers, his endorsement of a Mosque to be built the same distance from the hallowed site and his complete disregard for Israel, in-turn American Jew's who predominately populate the lower part of the Island.
As anger mounted towards the President the new town crier Donald Trump rallied the common man and spoke his mind in plain language. Prior to his arrival, he used YouTube to blast the President for his lack of concern for the common man, who wouldn't be able to attend the tree lighting due to his inconsiderate behavior. The video clip went viral and could have been a conservative Republican campaign commercial, it was that good.
It was obvious to many now that the President wasn't drawing the same crowds he did back in '08 and it was starting to take it's toll on his ego.
Jimmy was part of his advance guard on this trip and noticed that there was more action last night with Rush Limbaugh in town than the President's visit tonight. He slyly mumbled his observation to a partner just loud enough so the President could hear. This drew an immediate glare from the Commander in Chief who had enough of Jimmy as one of his family Secret Service guards. Jimmy was black, also, but he wasn't a Marxist and this so-called President gave him the creeps.
While the President danced around the conference room meeting and greeting, Jimmy had himself replaced for the rest of the evening and ducked out for a quick cell call to Dave back at Langley.
Dave finished up with Jimmy's report on the President's movements and quickly got back to a bigger issue, George Preston.
He slipped his cell phone into his shirt pocket and stared out over the now near empty parking lot of a commercial building just outside of the agency's gate. A familiar dark colored Carrera that had seen better days cautiously creeped into view. It stopped about three hundred feet from where he was leaning up against his BMW. The windshield looked as though it had collected five years of dust, which would make that about right, since George hadn't been stateside since 2007. The car sat with headlights on motor running as Dave fought the wind and forty degree temperature. What was George waiting for? Why wasn't he getting out?
George had so many answers to Dave's questions regarding the President and it was driving him nuts to be so close to validating his suspicions of the Commander in Chief. The car's engine suddenly turned off and a man that looked like George emerged from the car as the 969th day of the Obama Presidency couldn't wait to see how much money he collected tonight.

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