Friday, December 3, 2010

Obama – “I’d Rather Be Here in Afghanistan with You” – Bullshit – 6:44 A.M. Friday December 3rd 2010

The bullshit was piling higher and higher as the President addressed U.S. Military troops at Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan today when he stated "At this time of year, Americans are giving thanks for all the blessings that we have. And as we begin this holiday season, there is no place that I'd rather be than be here with you."

“What a bunch of crock,” Pfc. Brandon Skinner from Oklahoma said to his buddy Steve from a little town outside of Atlanta. “That piece of shit never served. He has no idea what we face here, let alone, he’d rather be here with us, are you fuck’n kidding me man?” Thus the general mood of the troops, knowing that this three hour holiday visit was done so far ahead of Christmas that the troops felt slighted knowing he was visiting now so not to interrupt his Hawaiian Christmas vacation and his many rounds of golf. It could be noted that no President in recent history was more loathed than Barack Obama by his troops. If they could frag him and get away with it they would. But they knew he would be gone soon enough so patience and tolerance was the order of the day, for now.

The cool chilling wind of Obama’s symbolic visit to only his troops, had reached the Presidential palace of Hamid Karzai in Kabul. Karzai was officially on Obama’s shit-list. Obama was now treating Afghanistan as an occupied territory by N.A.T.O. and ignoring the corrupt government now run by its illegally elected President and his drug running brother. If the brothers Karzai lasted a few more weeks in power the world would be surprised as General Petraeus took more of a MacArthur-ish role in the country.

As the President slept while crossing the polar icecaps, again, his one political threat, Hillary Clinton, was announcing her end in government service. It appeared that this past week’s WikiLeaks release destroyed any hope of her taking the Presidency away from Obama in 2012. The well timed release was a dump of over two hundred thousand State Department communiqués that labeled Clinton as a conniving and untrustworthy ally. Everything from spying to name calling exposed her petty demeaning mannerisms, which would someday be called un-presidential by an accusing sitting President. That was Obama’s checkmate leaving just an unnamed Republican candidate to face off with in 2012.

Obama’s foreign handlers who controlled WikiLeaks worked overtime to make sure that many more releases would come forth to disrupt most that would be called American, with the President’s approval.

Meanwhile back at the ranch Dave was getting a text from Jimmy who was on Air Force One with the President. It read “Karzai is a dead man – soon – talk when I get back – heard – saw” as the 671st day of the Obama Presidency ran his tongue over the dissolving stitches still in his mouth.

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