Friday, November 26, 2010

Obama - What Really Happened to the President’s Lip – 10:00 A.M. November 26th 2010

The First Lady on the war path again, hated everything about her life in the White House and the man that caused it, the President. In the middle of her rage she took aim with a left handed backswing that could have knocked out an elephant. Her wedding ring caught his lip with a tearing motion that sent the President screaming to the floor in pain. Three secret service men including Jimmy rushed into the private chambers and helped the President up from his K-O. Blood was all over his shirt and face as his wife glared at him like a panther that wasn’t quite finished with her prey. They rushed him down to the White House medical facilities for a cold compress and to gather his top aides to decide what to do about this embarrassing incident. Valerie suggested they shuffle him off to his gym and stage him walking out of it holding his mouth with a hanky, which is exactly what they did. The cover-up would help quell any questions about his now ballooning lip that needed a bunch of stitches for sure.

This was all he needed with North Korea on the verge of bombarding another sector of the South and U.S. war ships now positioned to offer a counterattack if provoked. Things were falling apart around the world as the seeds of his surrender tour a year earlier were now sprouting like Jack’s beanstalk.

Wikileaks was now threatening to expose many of the Administration’s secret communiqués between allies and other members of the administration. That was the part that concerned them the most, the inter-office name calling of allies. Some of the name calling wasn’t so nice and if there ever was a time when the true colors of this President were to be revealed it would be now. That’s why the White House had spent the last two weeks preparing those very allies for the damaging insults they would soon hear as the 664th day of the Obama Presidency blamed his fat lip on a Latino elbow.

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