Sunday, November 14, 2010

Obama – The General is Coming – High Noon November 14th 2010

As the President peered out of a porthole on Air Force One, his flying trailer-like home away from home inched closer and closer to the mess he left over ten days ago. While he was away accomplishing nothing it seemed that the mess he had created back home had grown exponentially. The announced resignation of David Axelrod was expected by him, but he had hoped David could have stayed a bit longer. This left only second and third stringers to guide him through his last two years in office and he was feeling again, a little abandoned by his friends from Chicago.

What most of America knew by now was that the clowns that he brought with him into the White House had tried to guide him to a more successful Presidency. But at every turn he felt he knew better and ignored their advice. So, they are now leaving in droves, after all why stick around for the hangings since it could be their necks being stretched.

This weekend was especially important since Karzai in Afghanistan announced he wanted U.S. troops out, and the head of the British military said, “al-Qaeda couldn’t be beat.” What was not reported and virtually flew under the media radar was that Senator John McCain had just spent a few days in Afghanistan with General Petraeus and Karzai. Most important was McCain’s meeting with Petraeus. It was decided on a swirling dusty battlefield in central Afghanistan that America would sacrifice the war temporarily for the leadership back home of the General. The fix was in as all the dominoes started falling into place. With a well orchestrated announcement by Karzai to pull troops, the contrived coup de grace for the coalition troop’s expedition, into a seemingly unwinnable war in Afghanistan, was proclaimed.

This was what the President had been seeking since he took office, no wars in Asia at any cost. The Joint Chiefs had an iron grip on the war that not even the President could release. With the elected President of Afghanistan now calling for the removal of troops, even they had to let loose. The only wild card now was, if Karzai didn’t live, a very big possibility considering the forces at work.

But, closing out the Afghan War was something he could hang his tattered hat on and help his re-election bid. Of course, with all good news comes the bad. The end of the Afghan War would free up General Petraeus for a run for President in 2012. This was something the President was not looking forward to. A war hero and a General who is admired by all in congress and America would make him look like the amateur he is and he would do anything to stop his bid for office. The General intimidated the young and inexperienced President and it showed every time they met. Any debates between the two would be disastrous for the President, for the intimidation would show all over his face and in his voice. Petraeus was the man he knew he couldn’t beat as the 652nd day of the Obama Presidency slipped on his shades while admiring the glaring white ice caps over the North Pole or was that PalinLand?

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