Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Obama – The Two Billion Dollar Presidential Vacation - 1:00 P.M. Wednesday November 3rd 2010

The news was grim for the Democrats as Dave scrolled through the election results on his special newsfeed from the Agency. He felt the midterm elections were going to be a game changer and they were. Now Washington had to survive two years of gridlock when they should be taking decisive steps to save themselves, the country that is. But that was Washington in all its confusing glory.

Dave stretched out on his executive chair and gave out a big yawn. He was still tired. Four hours sleep was about all he could fit in these days with suitcase nukes floating all over the place and not one lead, as of this morning. Langley was buzzing with activity this afternoon due to the letter bombs sent to many European heads of state, and God knows who else. There was now a lone shooter taking potshots at military buildings throughout the D.C. area, with one happening this morning. When was this shit going to stop he thought, as he sipped on his after-lunch double espresso?

It was no secret that after Obama’s inauguration it was open season for all the kooks and nuts in the world and everyone in Washington was on the hit list as targets. That was one of many reasons why Dave was now packing again. He knew that this shooter was up to no good and would eventually start targeting people. He no doubt was a Muslim who was looking for a one-way ticket to his seventy-two virgins. He most likely got his orders from Yemen where the letter bombs originated. Dave saw a perfect symmetry to all of this and it pleased him in a distorted C.I.A. sort of way. It was now one P.M. and Dave clicked on his office TV to watch his leader make a fool out of himself. The losses last night were massive and the President’s face showed it. He thought how complex this man must be to have so much evil spinning around him while most suspected but couldn’t quite prove it. His persona was very much like Tiger Woods, winning tournaments while being married with kids and juggling four or five mistresses as the world thought they were watching the perfect man on the tour. It was all a sham and it looked like our very own President was doing the very same thing to the American people, screwing them. Still, most in the country thought of him as one cool cat.

It sickened Dave to watch this dangerous clown on TV and he switched it off near what seemed to be the end. He had so much going on. This regal Presidential two billion dollar trip to Mumbai, India was still a mystery to most including Dave’s people in the Agency and the Pentagon. There was a lot of speculation as to why the trip was so elaborate and it would be the most expensive trip taken by any American President which wasn’t going down well with the peasants. The President did his dandiest to keep it quiet but a bunch of boys in the Agency got wind of the details and made it known to Rush Limbaugh. That’s when the shit hit the fan and the rest of the country went nuts as the 642nd day of the Obama Presidency felt the cold hands of his father, pulling him down, into his grave.

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