Tuesday, July 20, 2010

10:40 A.M. Monday July 19th 2010 - Obama - Everybody Could Go To Jail

The President may not known how to create a job, nor an economic boom, but he sure could play a race card. It was Monday morning and everywhere in the media you could hear and see the NAACP’s condemnation of the Tea Party and he loved every bit of it. Even conservative radio and TV shows headlined the issue. His little plan of distracting the Tea Baggers from their agenda was working. They were now even forcing themselves to sign their own petitions claiming they weren’t racists. It showed the President that the age old race card still worked on the easily manipulated majority. It also told him that the Tea Baggers lacked the balls to do anything dramatic since they now showed how unorganized they really were. They now were too busy reexamining each other for racist tendencies. He laughed to himself thinking, if they only knew, it was because of people like them, he was sitting in the White House. The unorganized, guilt ridden, simple minded, white people of America, he chuckled.
Rahm had been in hiding for the past week since his run-in with Stripper's assassination. He was finally on track and functioning with only an occasional nightmare of Stripper's head exploding in his face. But, he still didn’t have the courage to let loose of the double detail of Secret Service men who now watched his every move.
He strolled into the Oval Office with news that the President's Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan would be confirmed and Robert Byrd’s replacement, Carte Goodwin would be on board to cast the 60th vote to pass his unemployment extension bill. It wasn’t even noon and it seemed all was well in the President's world until he received a call while Rahm sat and listened. As he covered the phone the President said, “It’s a good thing you’re here, this is about Blago’s trial in Chicago.” Rahm got a claustrophobic feeling as the President went on with his conversation. It appeared that the Ex-Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich could take the stand in the selling of the President's Senatorial seat on Wednesday. Rod and this case made everyone in the White House very nervous because of the far reaching ramifications if he were to talk, really talk. Blago knew too much about the President and for that matter everyone that was now on the President's staff that came from Chicago, not to mention some in his cabinet and most of his czars. That’s a lot of people he could blow the whistle on if he wanted to. Many have said he would already be dead if it wasn’t for his high profile. Already, there were a half dozen suspicious deaths that have occurred back in the President's home state that could be linked to his corrupt political machine.
The President ended the conversation and motioned Rahm to get closer. “Listen, Rod knows we've got him covered, right,” the President said? “Yes, I personally spoke to him when I was in Chicago last week. He knows he gets a pardon if this thing goes bad for him.” “Good, than he says nothing, right. There’s no drama, right? If anything gets out on the offer or the cover-up, we’re cooked, you know?” “Yes, sir, Rahm replied as the closing-in feeling increased. Rahm and the President knew Blago was a drama queen and was capable of just that, drama, big drama. They knew Rod had felt cheated that everybody was now in D.C. and he was facing 10 to 20 in a federal penitentiary with no time off for good behavior. They also knew his hot little spinner wife would end up leaving him with the kids and he’d be left to rot in some forgotten corner of Obama’s history.
They both knew Rod Blagojevich, as they now looked at each other with worried looks on their faces as the 535th day of the Obama Presidency was unsure.

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