Monday, July 19, 2010

3:44 P.M. Sunday July 18th 2010 – Obama – General Petraeus is Running For President

It was Sunday afternoon and the President was so glad to be back in the White House. His Bush-like vacation on the tawny coast of Maine was boring, confusing and uneventful. Many wondered why Maine and why now? Many of his advisers suggested the Gulf coast but the mere thought of going back down there again made him crazy. Nevertheless, he went, he saw and he spilled beer.
Valerie Jarrett walked into the Oval Office and sheepishly put in front of him a copy of a 16 page article authored by Angelo M. Codevilla a professor of international relations at Boston University and Vice Chairman of the U.S. Army War College Board. “All right, what am I supposed to do with this?” “Well, sir, you can read it or I can summarize.” “Summarize, please, I really don’t have time for this bullshit, I’m still recovering from that mistake-of-a-trip to Maine.” “Sir, this article will be released at 12:01 Monday morning and it just could redefine the U.S. political landscape. The November midterm elections are in jeopardy if we let this one get away from us.” “Should I read it,” he said? “I think, if you have time you should, but here it is in a nutshell. Codevilla has cleverly divided the country between “the ruling class” a minority and “the country people” the vast majority. He has with several strokes of a pen defined what’s going on in America. It’s in plain language that even a Tea Bagger would understand. We should have seen this coming, but now that it’s here we need to address it, of course with your approval sir.” “Yes, I don’t need some smart-ass military type setting the ground rules.”
The President thought to himself that Petraeus was at the bottom of this and that he was setting him up like a clay pigeon for a 2012 defeat with a “the ruling class” campaign slogan. President Obama began to lament about how much effort it took to get here and how much more it took to stay.
The President reviewed his attack statements against the Republicans for tomorrow. Passing the unemployment extension bill would point out how much he cared, he thought, but in reality more voters would perceive his efforts as more government spending and more importantly additional taxes. Many of the hidden taxes and expensive record keeping for the private sector, that were buried in the Health Care Bill, are now leaking into the mainstream media. This was bad and he was fighting an uphill battle because of it.
More importantly, the news of his administration's recognition of the penalty for not having health insurance as a tax would be huge for the other side. He had promised no new taxes and there you had it, more new taxes. With just over 100 days left before the midterm elections things are not looking good for the President as the 534th day of the Obama Presidency ruled on.

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