Saturday, July 31, 2010

2:33 P.M. Thursday July 29th 2010 - Obama - Gates Has the Dirt On You

OPERATION: ALICE IN WONDERLAND was running into problems, with the new President fighting every move the Joint Chiefs stuck in front of him. The Chiefs were starting to wonder who this guy really was. He was checked out by the FBI several times and got a pass. So, what was the problem they kept thinking, why the resistance?
Secretary Gates now had a week to digest Regional CIA Case Manager, Dave Simon’s findings. It was a chilling tale that the Secretary at first found bizarre and hard to believe until Dave laid out all of the evidence that George had compiled. It was pretty convincing that Islamic radicals were operational within the U.S. Government. The next step was to find out who they were and how they got there. This had to be kept from Homeland Security because of how political the department had become. Clearing information and investigations through them would be a mistake, since at this point no one could be trusted. This Administration was riddled with leaks and very suspicious people who frankly had unacceptable backgrounds. Secretary Gates was the point man for the defense of the United States and it was becoming more and more difficult with all of the bobs and weaves of this President. He put his best military investigators on the case and went on like nothing was wrong.
Somewhere southeast of the Strait of Hormuz on the southern coast of Iran, Captain Shelanski, of the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Harry Truman intercepted an SOS message coming from a Japanese oil tanker who had reported hitting a mine while leaving the Strait. Captain Shelanski dispatched an explosives expert to the vessel to investigate the explosion and to report back to him as soon as possible. After several hours and numerous communications it was obvious that the tanker had run into a mine. It was not severely damaged and was able to proceed on its way to Tokyo. The Captain then contacted the Pentagon with his findings. After several hours the Pentagon finally got back to him with an official comment that the Captain was to use. There was no mention of the tanker hitting a mine, rather they concocted a fictitious story of how the tanker had run into debris and that all was well now. The Captain knew why they didn’t want the real story to get out to the real world. The implications that Iran was now preparing to lay a mine field across the Strait would send ripples across international oil markets and would make his job ten times tougher with tankers panicking while rushing to exit through the eye of a needle, meaning the strait. So, he proceeded with caution knowing that time was nearing to a confrontation with Iran to his north.
Back in Washington Secretary Gates headed over to his daily briefing with the Joint Chiefs. The President was now out of town campaigning and the Secretary felt good not having him around since all he ever did was tie things up rather than move things along. The Secretary had a lot of dirt on this President but what Dave gave him last week would make that look like kid stuff as the 545th day of the Obama Presidency campaigned like nothing was going on.

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