Saturday, July 17, 2010

9:45 A.M. Friday July 16th 2010 – Obama – Attack of the Maine Lobster

President Obama thought, since he was leaving D.C. for an extended vacation in Bar Harbor, Maine, things would calm down a bit. He added another feather to his somewhat embattled cap with the passage of the new Banking Bill from the Senate that supposedly would prevent a recurrence of the situation the country was in right now. Of course, it wouldn’t and he knew it. He knew the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac slush fund problem would continue to be the bottomless pit that would drain the American taxpayers and most in the Democrat party politically. The banking industry would continue business as usual with another crisis just a matter of when rather than if.
The first family happily scurried off to Andrews Air Force Base from the South Lawn of the White House after the Presidents Rose Garden speech and a few questions from the press. The two hour flight went quickly, but while in flight the President was told that the number of his golf outings had been released and he was getting a ton of backlash from most sectors. Forty-one rounds of golf in 18 months worked out to just under 2 rounds of golf a week. His advisors had warned him about this earlier, and the consequence of a poor perception by ten million unemployed. They had warned him of the “let them eat cake” message that could hurt his reelection try, and the midterm elections. Needless to say this warning that jeopardized ten million votes was ignored by this inexperienced young President. He kept ruling as though there would be no more elections and some political experts were starting to become very concerned with this development. What went through their collective minds was, why? The loss of almost two work days a week for golf and most weekends off was now sending the very obvious message to the American people, this President was your typical government employee who was interested in only the perks of the job, rather than solving the looming economic and security issues of the country. The word dithering, which was so eloquently used to describe the President over a year ago by former Vice President Cheney, was becoming more prevalent in describing the President's style of management, if you could even call it managing.
Five hours later the First Family sat down for an honest-to-goodness Maine lobster dinner with all the fixings. Everyone around the table was relieved to be out of Washington and away from all of the interruptions and problems of state. As the President cracked into his first claw, which he loved the best, a shot of lemon juice squirted directly into his left eye which caused a chain reaction of an elbow movement that knocked over his beer, that sprayed over half the occupants to his left as the 532nd day of the Obama Presidency cracked on.

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