Tuesday, July 27, 2010

11:46 A.M. Monday July 26th 2010 - Obama - Attack of the Joint Chiefs

The Defense Department along with the White House released its official response to the Internet posting of the so called Afghan War Diary. The condemnations mirrored each other with deliberate concern of far reaching implications. After Internet bloggers and think tanks examined the military reports, most came away with proof that both the Bush and Obama administrations' acknowledgment that Pakistan and Afghanistan were corrupt cesspools that worked both sides of the fence. Their collusion with the enemy was a known fact by our Generals and fighting forces on the ground. Yet, we continued to work with them in an effort to “nation build.” The big question now was why?
The President’s headache continued to balloon as he read more of the review of the infamous Diary. As he read on he realized how this could destroy what was left of his left wing support. His supporters had been saying all along to get out now from day one, but the Joint Chiefs' strong arming stopped him. He knew that the Chiefs could destroy what was left of his Presidency with one of many hidden skeletons from his closet, so he let them play their war games at his political expense.
It was now obvious to him that Soros was not concerned with his political fallout and continued on with the demolishing of American integrity around the world. Soros knew that by neutralizing the effectiveness of the U.S. Military he could destroy the one last pillar holding up the American Empire. The President had conveniently called off several FBI probes into Soros’s nonprofits like MoveOn.org. Of course, the U.S. Military along with the CIA knew of Soros’s operations and were watching his every move in spite of the President’s efforts. Panetta who headed up the intelligence agency nixed an idea of eliminating him last year. He understood the Soros threat but his closeness to the President stopped any action for fear of a Presidential backlash. Anyway, Panetta was building up his own file on the leader of the free world and it was getting thick.
Still, parts of D.C. were without electricity and the heat was becoming unbearable. Rahm at home was starting to sweat profusely as he put the phone down. He almost missed the receiver as his eyes began to glaze over. It was Lap Dance and he wanted a meeting. The call he dreaded had finally come. Rahm, typically a man of action, was now reduced to a near fetal position in his home office. One of his Secret Service men rushed in to see what had happened, noticing his zombie like stare. He thought to himself, I’ve got to snap out of this. I can’t let on to them what just happened. Any knowledge of this connection could risk the Presidency. He thought now even this shadow person had the goods on the President with his contrived setup of a hooker in Vegas two weeks ago. Damn he said to himself the shit is piling up and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. He wondered if he could take another two and half years of this.
Rahm jumped into his SUV after calling off his body detail and headed down the road of his high end suburban neighborhood at breakneck speed to meet Lap Dance. Unfortunately, he forgot to buckle up his seat belt which was why his head hit the windshield after forgetting that there was a stop sign at the end of his street. The impact of his SUV hitting the 12 inch thick maple tree after swerving and missing two kids on bicycles was devastating as the 542nd day of the Obama Presidency headed for the ER.

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