Saturday, October 16, 2010

Obama – Another Agenda? - 2:22 P.M. Wednesday October 13th 2010
The President was literally on his own politically as the best of the Democrat party’s strategists dropped like flies around him. The people that could give his Presidency longevity were doing everything they could to abandon his reckless policies and outright refusal to listen to them. From time to time many of them would huddle in Washington watering holes wondering why the President was so steadfast on ignoring perfectly good political advice. They thought maybe there was another agenda of this President, other than the Party’s? The Party for obvious reasons had assigned many of these strategists to the President for his use, and also to allow feedback to the Party on his policy decision making which otherwise could go unbridled. They didn’t want a rogue President going wild in a dictatorial way, that wasn’t American. Ignoring the Party was a no-no and it seemed that this President was doing just that. The Party didn’t like surprises and it appeared that this President was about to give them several as Election Day approached.

The skeleton crew that was the remnants of the original group helping direct the President was doing its best to manage the ensuing electoral disaster that would destroy years of Democrat planning. It was as though an entire political party had sacrificed itself for an unworkable mess of a health care-tax bill the vast majority of Americans didn’t want. Many of these strategists were now wondering if it was all worth it. What lingered with all of them now was what if there was another agenda they weren’t aware of and if so, what was it?

The thought that Rush Limbaugh was right all along in saying that their boss’s plan was to destroy our great nation, sent shivers up their spines as the 621st day of the Obama Presidency kept campaigning on the failures of his so called accomplishments.

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