Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Obama – Is That All You Got? – 9:23 A.M. Sunday October 10th 2010

As David Axelrod faced the nation on “Face the Nation,” Bob Schieffer’s Sunday news show, the President cringed in horror as Bob the veteran liberal newsman sent a zinger that was felt all the way back to the Oval Office. The President was watching on his third flat screen TV which was about to meet its end similar to the other two.

Bob’s response to Axelrod’s attack on the cherished pro-business U.S. Chamber of Commerce for allegedly using foreign donations to influence the midterm elections was, “Is that all you got?” Bob’s short quip rang across the country like the shot heard around the world, while David quickly tried to recover from Bob’s verbal putdown of the Obama administration.

If the President felt alone before, he felt deserted now. Thoughts flashed through his mind, could it be that this was the beginning of the end of his love affair with the mainstream media? Was Schieffer put out there to do a professional hatchet job on his last man standing? These were all questions that at this point had no answers, but he was going to get to the bottom of it. He knew that without the media his chances of getting reelected were out of the question. He knew that this would leave the slot open for that bitch Hillary, as he flung a crystal globe that sat on his desk at the TV, smash. Oops, there went TV number three.

After the interview David limped out of the studio mortally wounded and realized that maybe it was time for him to go like Rahm. His effectiveness had been diminished along with the popularity of the President and his Leftist congress as the 618th day of the Obama Presidency tiptoed around the glass all over the floor.

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