Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Obama – Terror Attack Part Four – 11:43 A.M. Sunday October 3rd 2010

There was the typical twenty-four hour blackout period after such an attack in a country we weren’t at war with, as the normal condemnations rolled in from Muslim leaders. We killed over a dozen citizens from a European country who just happened to be in Pakistan plotting to kill civilians across two continents. The President wanted to be absolutely sure that the drone missiles killed al-Quaeda operatives, so he ordered a routine investigation before letting the defense department release their involvement. He was feeling uneasy with this last drone attack since their objective was to attack European and American targets instead of Afghanistan. The Joint Chiefs held his feet to the fire on this operation and he didn’t like the arm lock they had on him.

The Muslim world was now starting to blame him for the continuation of the Bush policies in Asia and the Middle East. It was becoming more evident to Islamic countries that there was no change and Obama was just as bad as his predecessor. His heart wasn’t in this. War with one-third of the world’s population, his people, just wasn’t in his plans. He was under orders to change and make America more vulnerable to attack not the other way around. He was under orders to transform America and to relegate it to near third world status and he was behind schedule.

To help this process along the scattered suitcase nuclear devices now inside the country were going to be the friendly persuasion for Americans to stay in their own back yards and leave the rest of world to Islam. America would be last on their grocery list, but for now Europe was on the precipice of this change.

These were all things if looking from the outside you would think one could do if you were President, but that wasn’t how it worked inside. President Obama was finding out the hard way that he could get legislation through congress which was simple enough since his party controlled both houses, but to change foreign policy that was crafted in a framework of treats and commitments, it was a different story. With his polls tumbling to levels not seen by a President this early in a term he had little hope for accomplishing all of his goals as the 611th day of the Obama Presidency thought about Rahm back in Chicago.

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