Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Obama – Dave and Vince Flynn - 9:32 P.M. Wednesday October 27th 2010

As the swirling wind periodically forced the early fall rain to sound like hands full of sand being tossed against Dave’s bedroom window, he placed Vince Flynn’s new novel down on his lap. With a backdrop of classical chamber music playing, always Bach, Dave dwelled on the title, American Assassin. Dave liked Vince, he was one of the good guys, not out to destroy the organization that did its best to protect the country from the bad guys. He wasn’t a Rolling Stone Magazine, ready to take down a magnificent career of a courageous General like McChrystal. Vince was a true American who loved his country and saw its vulnerabilities. Ever since the ‘60s liberal Hollywood movies and most published authors, who always seemed to be liberal, did their best to demonize the C.I.A. Most within the company were pretty gun-shy when this dyslectic late-bloomer came knocking for information, but Dave took an immediate liking to him in those dark days of 2002 just after 9/11 and right before the Iraqi invasion. Dave was up to his eyeballs those days with impossible tasks, but took the time to explain the inner workings of a modern intelligence agency. Thankfully, all of his time and effort quickly paid off since Vince published book after book on the superior effectiveness of the modern day Central Intelligence Agency. Dave knew it wouldn’t hurt to advertise, especially in a connected world where everybody had an opinion about everything.
The arrest of Farooque Ahmed today in Northern Virginia was another feather in Dave’s hat since he had handed him off to F.B.I. earlier in the year. He was hoping that Farooque had a connection to the suitcase nukes, but it seemed he was just another lone nutcase that hated America.
Dave tried to relax and think about anything but nukes as the rain kept pounding outside. He always felt guilty relaxing; after all who in their right mind could relax when there are nukes floating around the country ready to kill thousands.
It was now quiet inside his small condo, just on the edge of Georgetown University’s campus. The music had ended and he was at a good breakpoint in his book when his cell rang; it was Jimmy. “I’ve got something for you Dave,” as the 634th day of the Obama Presidency quickly got dressed and headed out to meet Jimmy on the White House grounds.

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