Monday, October 18, 2010

Obama – The Bravery of the American Cyber Patriots of 2010 – 5:33 P.M. Sunday October 17th 2010

It seemed that only mindless union members and college kids with heads full of mush, who had nearly zero life experience would come out to hear the President in Ohio today. The first lady accompanied him to keep an eye on her man as he slid through the lines of college coeds at Ohio State. The vast majority of people in Ohio had already made their decision about this socialist and his plan for America and they wanted no part of it. Ohio was lost as far as he was concerned but he had to at least look like he was trying. Mind you, this was a President who at this point of his Presidency had the least amount of advisers and guidance politically. He was flying blind. He was flying on his own and wasn’t very good at it, which his polls pointed too.

The polls were indicating that Republicans would take the House and maybe the Senate. What the polls weren’t showing was that many disenfranchised voters that had stopped voting years ago because of their disdain for the corruption and the government’s ineffectiveness, were now motivated. Over the years the government had become so big and overbearing it was now about to turn on its citizens. It no longer was a tool for the people but was now going to be a tool against the people and the majority of America finally realized it. They had woken from their long sleep.

This silent block of shadow voters that had been lurking for years, waiting for the moment to be heard was now upon us, as they gathered on every street corner on Friday nights with signs of their discontent. They made up a good part of the Tea Party. They were the people that just showed up, silently holding their signs and finally feeling better about themselves knowing that they had been right all along and not a bunch of kooks who had jumped the rail.

Many of them had found their wings on the new social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace. They were also using YouTube and Twitter to communicate their discontent. Their boldness came through loud and clear with nicknames like Conservative Thinker, Bonnie Liberty Belle, Hands Off America, Defend Arizona, BeArmed Citizen, Palin ECoalition, American Freedom, Rosie On the Right, TeaParty Pac, Tea Partyagainstamnesty, Vigilant Patriots, American Patriots, Tea-party Patriots-kc, Fort Bend Tea, Berks-Reading Pa Tea-Party, LoudounCountry Tea Party, Mid-Mo Tea-Party, Cooper-County Tea-Party, Callaway Tea-Party, Midsouth TeaParty, Tri-Country TeaParty, SouthCoast TeaParty, Daniel John TeaParty Patriots and Maury-County Teaparty-Patriots.

The colorfully named groups on Facebook dominated a good portion of the networking site with names such as American Majority, American Solution, Armed Forces Tea Party, Being Conservative, Black Tea Patriots, Charleston Tea Party, Citizens Against Government Waste, Clear the Bench Colorado, Conservative, Conservative Lady, Fly the American Flag, IMPEACH OBAMA, Impeach Nancy Pelosi, Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience, National Tea Party, PatriotsList, Proud to be an American, Richmond Tea Party, Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin, Send Barry Back to Kenya, STOP “Cap-and-Trade,” Support Our Troops, Take America Back, Take off your DAMN HAT during the National Anthem, Tea Party Brewing, Tea Party Day, Tea Party Patriots, TEA Party Patriots of Central Pennsylvania, Tea Party Union, TeaParty365, TED NUGENT FOR PRESIDENT, Tennessee Tea Party, The Right Mixx, The TEA Party Movement, True Conservatives, True Patriots, Houston Tea Party Society, Patriots in Exile, The Patriot Post, Patriot, True Patriots, Patriot Walk Across America, I am an American Patriot, United American Patriots, Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation and One True God Loving Patriots United.

It could honestly be said that there were thousands more on Facebook groups with and estimated average of one thousand to five thousand followers in each group.

Twitter the instant messaging system that had literally millions of American patriots talking on a daily basis, shooting news and ideas across the country like it was a Ping-Pong table. The code names they used were even more stirring, reflecting their patriotism.

But all of this was flying under the radar as Election Day approached. The President was clueless to the massive grassroots gathering that had formed. Never in America’s history had the electorate been so motivated and had the tools to keep the motivation going right into November 2nd. The magnitude was beyond any analyst’s expectation because the phenomenon was a once in several lifetime’s experience. It was historic by all measures. It was an army of millions of freedom loving patriots, marching across the internet to take their country back peaceably and by force if necessary. They meant business.

How could they even know how to measure this ground swell? Polls meant nothing as they kept pointing more and more to a landslide for the newly formed Tea Party candidates and the soon to be cleansed Republican Party.

By the end of the day the President’s voice was hoarse from trying so hard to use his only asset, the Teleprompter as the 625th day of the Obama Presidency sucked on a throat lozenge.

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