Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Obama – Shh Don’t Tell Anyone - 11:50 A.M. Saturday October 9th 2010

The President bent over and placed the little white ball on a tee for the 919th time during his presidency. At this point in the congressional election season he was just going through the motions while most in his party were sinking like rocks. The President lined up his shot and swung with perfect accuracy sending the ball straight down the fairway, leaving him halfway to the green. It was a crisp day with a light breeze and the trees were starting to show signs of the season with a broad array of colors. David Axelrod was now his lead dog for political strategy. This fat-ass liberal Jew from Chicago who couldn’t swing a flyswatter without going into cardiac arrest sat next to the president in the regal golf cart. Three other carts were following, all filled with Secret Service men, including Jimmy who was still reporting back to Dave at the C.I.A. on every move the President made.

Axelrod and the President had a lot to talk about since they were now running out of political options for attacking the Right. Axelrod was expected to set the agenda tomorrow, Sunday, on the regular mainstream media news programs and they both had to be on the same page. It was agreed that they needed to change the topic now running in the news from a lack of jobs to unsubstantiated charges against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce accepting foreign monies. Axelrod in his typical sloppy way was winging it with this one, but the President couldn't care less as long as they changed the subject and rallied his base to at least get out and vote.

Apathy had spread through his legions of followers like the Black Plague, and there were bodies piled everywhere. Polls now had the President in the upper thirties and he was approaching an area of disapproval that no man or woman had ever recovered from as the 617th day of the Obama Presidency shanked his next shot right into a sand trap full of Patriots.

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