Sunday, October 10, 2010

Obama - The Blood of David Hartley is on Your Hands Mr. President –  12:23 P.M. Thursday October 7th 2010

While the President was yukking it up with some political friends at lunch in the White House, Tiffany Hartley was frantically attempting to get her nearly headless husband David, onto her Jet Ski. Their seemingly harmless day on a Texas lake that bordered with Mexico would be a big mistake. It appeared that Juan Pedro Saldivar Farias and his brother Jose Manuel ran the lake like it was their own for drug trafficking into the United States and killed David with several volleys of gunfire from their automatic rifles.

As Tiffany sadly abandoned her attempt to lug David’s lifeless body, nearly twice her weight onto her ski, she pushed the throttle to full speed and headed back to the beach where her car sat waiting. Shots rang over her head, all the while tears rolled down her cheeks from knowing that she had left the love of her life for the last time. Minutes later Tiffany ran her bullet riddled Jet Ski straight onto the beach, not letting up on the throttle, tumbling head over heels on impact.

While all of this was going on Eric Holder, the President’s Attorney General, had just laid the groundwork for Central and South American countries to file lawsuits against the State of Arizona. This embattled border state was only attempting to protect the citizens of their state by cracking down on illegals committing crimes. Yet the Obama Administration was doing everything possible to stop them.

Tiffany didn’t know Eric Holder, nor did she know President Obama but the blood of her husband was seemingly now on their hands for not protecting him nor future Americans who would be caught in similar circumstances. The safety for all Americans was now being questioned by those that were paying attention. Would the government that was set up to protect its citizens, protect them? That was the frightening new reality for all to contemplate.

Meanwhile just outside the beltway the President told a few jokes to a crowd of college students at a political rally in Bowie Maryland. He didn’t know David and frankly didn’t care. He knew there would eventually be many more causalities regarding his new policy of an open border with Mexico. The President knew that the turmoil that loomed just on the other side of the border would soon spread into American cities and states on the border, for that was all part of the plan as the 615th day of the Obama Presidency was distracted by a heckler yelling “liar, liar.”

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