Friday, August 6, 2010

1:00 P.M.Friday August 6th 2010 - Obama - Let Them Eat Cake

The President went through his morning meetings at the White House without incident until he met with his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton at 1:00 P.M. in the Oval Office. It was more of a confrontation than a meeting. The President’s polls were now his Achilles heel and the sharks were circling which included Hillary. Her challenge for his job as the economy continued to decline gave her an edge for a run in 2012. The frustration he felt was hard to hold in as he blasted her and Bill Clinton, the former President. Bill sort of opened up the 2012 Presidential campaign season by dividing the democrat party with his remembrance speech at the funeral of Senator Bird two months ago. He reminded democrats and the world, that their party was the original party of segregation, racism and bigotry of which Bird was a major contributor. The President was a little lightheaded from his late night guest but he had enough steam in him to let her have it with both barrels. She obviously blew it off judging by the expression on her face, which made the President even angrier.
The resignation of Christina Romer, who headed up his economic advisors, still weighed heavy on him as he finished his overheated meeting with Hillary. Romer's resignation had many implications that were going to affect the markets. The President had been trying to keep a lid on a plan of his to forgive mortgage balances for American homeowners, the ones that have been paying but now were under water. The plan is to bypass the markets and order a reduction of balances to twenty percent below market values. The President knew he had to do something to save his liberal congress or his socialist agenda would be stopped dead in its tracks. He figured by freeing up disposable income for Americans it would kick start the economy and get people feeling better about him and his leftist radicals in congress. Unfortunately, Ms. Romer wasn’t buying it and understood the ramifications of such a plan. The President like most rulers in history, think only of staying in power and not the destruction they could and usually do create with such actions.
Rumors were swirling all through Wall Street of this plan and now with the departure of Romer it was a pretty good bet the President would announce the plan in August as his August surprise.
The President indirectly was getting heat from just about everyone in the country over the Ground Zero Mosque. His obsessive and continual promotion of Islam over the past year and half was now leading him into a head-on collision with the American people who wanted no part of Islam or him. What made matters worse was that Michelle Marie Antoinette’s expensive vacation in Spain was now costing the over-taxed, unemployed, homeless, on food stamps and eating cake middle class Americans a half million dollars as the 553rd day of the Obama Presidency hadn’t heard from Marie since she left. Humm?

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