Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Obama – Mr. President We Have A Problem! – 3:11 P.M. Wednesday August 25th 2010

The President thought to himself what a shitty vacation it’s been. Vacation, vacation that’s all everybody in the country was talking about. Shitty ocean, the water quality is so bad you can’t swim in it. He couldn’t complain because of all the flack he’d get from the environmentalists supporting him. The weather was mostly overcast so far and congestion was everywhere he went. He wished he had gone to Hawaii where the weather was perfect and the ocean was as clear a twenty carat diamond.

As he continued to daydream about Hawaii, the communications room that was carved out of one of the larger rooms in the vacation home was flickering with flat screens and images of his entire economic team and political handlers. He realized he was in the biggest mess of his life and had absolutely no idea how to get out of it. Even his        so-called advisors that he was told for so many years they knew what they were doing, didn’t have a clue, and the continuing decline of the American economy proved it. Most everyone now was wondering if this modern day Nero was fiddling his way towards his destruction and taking the entire country with him.

The voices from within the room and the monitors all converged into one harmonic that he conveniently tuned out as he stared and said nothing. Occasionally he turned his head from side to side indicating that he was still alive to his key people in the room, but he was gone, on another far off island in the middle of the Pacific with his grandmother and grandfather, loving and watching over him. For this brief time he found peace as the destruction he was causing swirled about the room with ever menacing threats. It was now the only thing that kept him sane as the 572nd day of the Obama Presidency drifted off into a restful sleep while his nine stooges looked in amazement at their clown in chief snoring like a drunken sailor on a Saturday night.

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