Sunday, August 22, 2010

Obama - Not Another War - 2:10 P.M. Sunday August 22nd 2010

While the President was having a beach picnic with his family, Rahm, Ben Bernanke the head of the Federal Reserve, little Timmy Geithner the Treasury Secretary, and the head of the F.B.I. Robert Mueller III were huddled in the swanky Wall Street office of Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs & Company. His very impressive office on the forty-third floor gave the correct impression that he was a very powerful man along with his company's influence, around the world. This was not a gathering of the usual suspects trying to arrange a golf outing at the local country club or a yacht trip to Bermuda. This was a meeting of the unusual suspects that gathered to defend the country from a new form of terrorism.
Ever since Barack Obama took office in January of 2009 things had been happening to the country that had no clear answers as to why. The sinking of the Deepwater Horizon was one, but many on Wall Street were still scratching their heads about what happened on May 6th of this year to the stock market with its nearly one thousand point drop. Many had speculated that it was just a glitch, but others who looked more closely saw things that were very disturbing. The FBI was called in by the head of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke to investigate this strange occurrence. Ben knew why the market recovered but he didn’t know why the fall occurred so violently. After nearly three months of a secretive investigation which the public and press were unaware of, they came to some pretty disturbing findings.
It appeared that banks of shadow computer trading platforms, mostly originating in eastern European countries, were overloading the system with buy and sell orders. The reason was unclear but it was a fact, and now these five men were here to find out who was doing the dirty work.
The integrity of the free world’s investment backbone was essential in maintaining the capitalist free-market system. Any attack on it was now considered to be an act of terrorism and would be construed as a declaration of war in certain cases. So, whoever it was that set the wheels in motion to drag down an already anemic market would have hell to pay if caught.
Bernanke had already been propping up the equity markets with funds from the Federal Reserve. The low volume told the whole story. He knew with his computers he could maintain stability in the daily averages by backstopping normal sell orders. Stock drops two points, Ben’s computers would be there to bring it back, that simple. With low volume it was a piece of cake. But on May 6th the whole thing got away from his people and the market began to crumble despite his help. This is what troubled him, they couldn’t stop the fall. What would happen if they couldn’t stop the fall next time they were attacked? That was the question and an answer they had to find or the whole financial world that made up the world’s wealthiest nations could be financially destroyed.
Mueller of the F.B.I. distributed the report his men worked up. As they all began to read, the cover page spoke volumes of the problem they were facing. "Soros – Iran Operations," read the title. All at the table knew of the impact and the close relationship the President of the United States had with George Soros, who now was his top financial advisor. As they read on they learned that the shadow computer banks, according to Interpol and the F.B.I., had connections to Soros a known major contributor to the President's campaign.
So, as the President finished his crepe suzette on the beach in Martha’s Vineyard the boys back on 200 West Street in Manhattan were connecting the dots as the 569th day of the Obama Presidency dribbled some cherry juice down the corner of his mouth.

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