Saturday, August 21, 2010

Obama – Prayer-Rug-Less on the Vineyard - 8:00 P.M. Friday - Saturday August 20th – 21st 2010

Dave jumped on the 8:00 P.M. Woods Hole – Oak Bluffs Ferry that took him across a still Vineyard Sound. It was nice being out on the water with the smell of sea air and marshland. It reminded him of his youth, spending summers in Ocean City, Maryland. About halfway to Martha’s he gazed west as the sun was now starting to set over the sound. In that solitary moment he was distracted by all the noise on the ferry coming from the normal Friday night weekend crowd. The boat was overcrowded due to the President's presence on the island. Most were your typical tourists looking for a photo op or glimpse of the first family. He also saw a bunch of college kids coming over for some pub crawling. It would have been nice to have joined them, he thought, but he had much more important things on his mind as the boat neared the mooring.
He could have landed at Martha’s Vineyard Airport on the island but chose to rent a car and ease into his investigation. Three-ton black SUV’s would have brought too much attention for what he needed to do. Normally the Central Intelligence Agency was authorized to investigate foreign activities only, but since 9/11 everything changed and all these grey areas opened up which gave them more leeway to investigate and gather information in the U.S.
As the ferry docked at Lake Avenue he proceeded to his prearranged hotel room downtown. No view, no nothing, that was his hotel room. Spartan was more like it, but that was Dave.
After a restful sleep he awoke to the island sounds of boat horns and seagulls. Nice, he thought, real nice. It was already arranged for him to slide into the guard unit that maintained the security of the President’s rented home. Acting as an inspector, inspecting Secret Service efficiencies while on the job, he had full access to the home.
Dave was greeted by Jimmy when he arrived at the home. The First Family was out running around the island sightseeing and posing for photo ops. Jimmy shook Dave’s hand and eyeballed him like he was a terrorist. No smiles, no nothing from Jimmy, just the stare. Jimmy’s stare reminded him of someone that was now gone, someone that helped bring him to Martha’s Vineyard this mid-August day. Dave knew this look and trusted it knowing that when the chips were down a guy like Jimmy could be counted on.
As Dave laid out his made-up plans to inspect the home Jimmy showed him around with an occasional grunt and groan, half audible to a normal human.
After about forty minutes Dave was on his own, and now headed for the bedrooms. He needed to find George's GPS-guided prayer rug, but where could it be as he nearly ripped the Presidential mattress off its platform. He looked in the attic, he looked everywhere, but no prayer rug. Finally, he moved down to the utility room and garage area when he noticed the President's golf clubs. What if, he thought, as he gazed at two covered golf bags? Dave quickly moved over to the bags. As he grabbed the cover of one bag, Jimmy entered the garage area. With a suspicious look Jimmy said to Dave, ”Yeah I know, I was wondering about those two?” “Why,” Dave said? “Well, he always travels with two sets of clubs, but I only see him use one.” “Well, let’s see what we've got ,Jimmy.” As Dave grabbed the top of the first bag he pulled it off to reveal a full set of DCI clubs made by Titleist. “OK” Dave said. Now let’s see what the President’s shadow plays with,” as he pulled the top off the second bag. What Dave and Jimmy saw was somewhat confusing. Expecting to find more golf clubs, all they found was a hollow golf bag with all of the dividers missing. The Presidents second golf bag was altered and empty as the 568th day of the Obama Presidency was rug-less on Martha's Vineyard.

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