Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Obama – Who Messed With My Prayer Rug? – 3:43 P.M. Tuesday August 24th 2010

With nearly ten percent unemployment being the new norm and GDP numbers constantly being revised closer to zero the President’s economic team of fools and clowns were now on the chopping block as the Republican minority shouted from the balcony of congress for the resignation of everyone. With twenty months under the President’s belt, things were getting worse as numbers on existing home sales echoed the calls of the Republicans.
All of this was going on back in Washington while the President killed time on Martha’s Vineyard playing golf and Scrabble with the kids. The image was not good while hundreds of millions of Americans watched and read of his regal vacations and the millions squandered supporting his new eccentric lifestyle. There was a problem, no, there were many problems, and the President could have cared less as his polls now headed into the thirties. It seemed like the endorsement of the Ground Zero Mosque over a week ago lit a national fire that wouldn’t go out. Up until now Americans were riding out every roadblock the Administration threw at them until this. This was the defining moment of the President's Presidency. It could also be said that it was also the defining moment in American political history where America in one fell swoop condemned a President and his party to political death. In many countries around the world the masses wouldn’t wait for Election Day, they’d just hang-em on the spot. But the American people had the patience and the knowledge that judgment day would come soon enough for these unorthodox leaders who have made them more vulnerable to their enemies than any administration in recent history.
Dave was now back in his side office in D.C. watching the President’s prayer rug, knowing that it wouldn’t be going anywhere for the next week while the President holidayed on the Vineyard. George’s idea was brilliant and he wondered why the Agency didn’t use it for other operations around the world. Operation: Alice in Wonderland was the keystone of Middle Eastern policy and defense of the Saudi oil fields; any leak of techniques and operation procedures could alert the enemy and would make their job more difficult. Containment of Iran was the goal, not a land war that could cost the lives of thousands of young patriotic American men and women.
Dave and Jimmy had each other’s cell phone numbers just in case the President did something out of the ordinary. Dave knew the President wouldn’t go anywhere without his rug, which was weird in itself. It was like he was a vampire who didn’t go anywhere without his casket. As vampires do, they sleep during the day in their caskets on the soil of their Transylvanian homeland. The whole thing made Dave’s skin crawl as the 571st day of the Obama Presidency wondered who messed with my prayer rug?

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