Friday, August 13, 2010

11:00 A.M. Thursday August 12th 2010 - Obama - Another Vacation!

The President’s handlers were now furious with him for not stripping the U.S. Military. After meeting with most of the military yesterday in the Situation Room, he was getting dagger stares from most knowing that the budget axe was about to come down on many of them. The President used the U.S. deficit, the one he caused, as his excuse for slashing many Generals, Admirals and weapons programs. He couldn’t count one high-ranking officer that would side with him on anything. Suspicion of the President was now higher than ever with even rumors of sizable repercussions if the axe came down too hard. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs’s comment a few days ago made it sound like the President had no intention of crippling the world’s mightiest military. In fact, he did, but at what cost, his life? He knew his handlers and the military could snuff him out politically and literally in a D.C. second if things didn’t go their way. That was the President’s dilemma, coming up with some sort of compromise which left him in the middle battling both.
Janet Napolitano, or "Babbs" as she is known in the gay Castro district of San Francisco, headed up the Department of Homeland Security. Babbs was a little too soft spoken and inexperienced for her powerful job that had access to just about every conversation and communication that went on in the country. She briefed the President on the capture of an Israeli who had been killing mostly blacks randomly for the past month or so. He told her to make a big deal out of it so to cause a backlash against Israeli Jews who are as he stated, “war mongers and separatists on the order of South Africa’s apartheid.”
He was still digesting the resignation announced earlier that morning of the CEO of General Motors, the now government-union owned company that still owed the American taxpayers billions. Ed Whitacre was done with trying to run a company that should have been bankrupt and dissolved two years ago. Now that the political know-nothings ran this shambles of a company with their unproven textbook theories it became too much for him to handle. At his age he didn’t need this kind of shit. With constant questions, congressional inquiries and browbeating by people half his age and experience, he was done with it all.
To most on the street, that’s Wall Street, it sent a clear signal that the President and his crew couldn’t and wouldn’t run the banks, auto makers and the health care industry properly as the stock market crashed almost 5% on the news. Confidence for this President and his ability to lead, run or help the American people couldn’t have been lower as new polls released showed his overall approval rating crashing like the plane that killed old Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska today.
The President knew he had to do something that would help his ratings with the American people. He knew he had to get out there and start rubbing elbows and asses with the common man. After thinking for a second he came up with the brilliant idea that he knew would boost his polls. He decided to go on vacation, again, as the 559th day of the Obama Presidency packed his sunscreen for Martha’s Vineyard.

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