Friday, August 27, 2010

Obama - In the Rough - 1:23 P.M. Friday August 27th 2010

“Great shot Mr. Mayor,” the President said as Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City drove his ball off the tee, down the fairway and into the rough left of the green of this one hundred and seventy five foot hole. The President was being facetious as he grinned and gave Bloomberg a wink of an eye. It was now the President’s turn to send it long and straight. He set his ball on the white tee. Bloomberg watched as the lanky athletic looking President swung his driver with perfect form. The ball lifted up into the air and headed right for the green. Just before it starting to descend, the ball was hit with a hawkish wind that had rushed in from Vineyard Sound and drove this perfect shot down and to the left of the green alongside the Mayor’s ball, in the rough.

They were now both in the rough and to the left of the green. The Sea Oats Grass that made up the rough around this hole was so tall neither the Mayor nor the President could find their balls. They both walked around looking and looking, but no balls could be found. They were both feet away from their goal, but so far to the left their balls were now lost in the tall grasses of the rough, forever.

As they both dropped new balls and took a stroke for their folly the two politicians looked at each other with frustration and wondered if they could come back from screwing up their political careers with one declaration of support of a mosque that the nation didn’t want, as the 574th day of the Obama Presidency wasted another day on the links while the nation raged.

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