Saturday, August 7, 2010

12:33 P.M. Saturday August 7th 2010 – Obama – God’s Embrace

The release of a long lost letter from Iran’s leader of the Green Movement, Mir Hussein Mousavi, to then-leader of Iran, President Ali Khamenei was now spreading across the globe via the Internet. Mousavi’s threats to the sitting Iranian government to release many of the skeletons in Iran’s closet, has ratcheted up the internal struggle to rule the one country that has had the West dancing to their tune for decades.
Dave over at CIA Headquarters had already seen the letter years ago and was well aware of Iran’s game plan of destabilizing the Middle East. He knew the problems we had in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza Strip, Eastern Africa, Pakistan, Venezuela and even Mexico were all part of their plan to take control of all Middle Eastern oil producing countries including the jewel Saudi Arabia. This one country Iran, if neutralized through political means would make life a lot easier for everyone in the West. That’s why this letter was so important. Well, let’s say the timing of its release is what sparked the agency’s and Dave’s interest. It had long been understood by the agency that Iran and religious interests throughout the Middle East had funded and supported Al-Quaeda. Without Iran as the keystone, the whole radicalized Muslim movement would fragment into patches of thugs similar to the mafia with only scattered Mulas to keep the hatred going. But that was la la land thinking that Dave lost on a hazy Sunday morning back on October 23rd 1983. That was the morning when we lost almost three hundred U.S. Marines and French soldiers in a double bombing in Lebanon. He was young and new on the job while working with the U.S. Embassy in Beirut when the explosion woke him at 6:20 A.M. like a sledgehammer. He knew it was bad, real bad as he peered out the window of his quarters on the fourth floor of the embassy. He would never forget that pillar of black smoke from the explosion that rose like a dagger penetrating the heavens. It was as though he could see the souls of all two hundred and ninety-nine soldiers lift up into God’s embrace. Minutes later he could hear the popping sound of sniper fire trying to pick off emergency teams attempting to save anyone they could.
From that day forward he knew the enemy was Iran and they had to be stopped. Dave felt that Iran with a nuclear bomb would end the tit for tat games in the region and would cause all countries to fall to Tehran and their influence, his job was to stop them from doing just that. This was an old war for Dave but a new one for most of America. Because of the multiple named agents that worked with Iran, most of America wasn’t interested or paying attention to Iran’s ambitions until 9/11. After that, it became obvious that this radical religious movement had a source and it was festering in downtown Tehran as the 554th day of the Obama Presidency played another round of golf, secretly this time.

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