Monday, August 2, 2010

4:22 P.M. Monday August 2nd 2010 - Obama - Black is Out - White is In

The mere color of this President’s skin has gradually become a negative as he tried desperately to salvage his ratings with the American people. It was his color that gave him the edge in his run for office back in 2008. Unfortunately, the novelty was now wearing off as black has become associated more with socialist-Marxist doctrines, higher taxes, more taxes, government takeovers and a post-America doctrine. The President was now bombarded daily with more fragmentation of his political coalition. With the midterm elections now less than 90 days away, support for his programs were melting away like an icicle in August. Liberal black Democrat Representative, Charlie Rangel from Harlem, New York was now in a battle for his political life as the House Ethics Committee brought thirteen charges against him. With massive new taxes coming and the expiration of the Bush tax cuts the American taxpayer was about to hit a wall of taxes. At the same time this member of the political ruling class was and had been dodging taxes for decades. To add insult to injury the President had another black liberal congresswomen, Representative Maxine Waters, of California being charged for influence wielding that involved the bank her husband helped run.
Taxes, banking and black politicians have now become hot buttons the President would love to run away from, but couldn’t as the pressure mounted daily. He’d have to skin himself to escape the negative stigma now put upon black politicians. Who would it be tomorrow he thought as he watched his four year term as President turn into a condemnation of Blacks in American politics. Big mouth Maxine Waters was especially vulnerable because of the Wall Street and Banking debacle that almost took the world economy down.
The many white Americans who voted for the President were now flatly turned off by voting for any black politician for fear they would get more of the same attitude of "black restitution," "you owe me," agenda. America was now in tough times and it was hard for all Americans these days, and any division of pain by color lines was not going to work this time around. As history had proved in the past, when things get tough like kinds stick together, and if the whites are the majority they’ll vote together for whites, not blacks, and the President knew it.
He returned from Atlanta after giving a firm fake speech about our occupation and leaving of Iraq and Afghanistan to the Veterans Administration as the 549th day of the Obama Presidency looked into the mirror in his bedroom and stared and thought, “what if I?”

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