Sunday, August 29, 2010

Obama - The Eminence of War - 12:45 P.M. Sunday 29th 2010

Damn, the President thought to himself as he descended from AF-1 into the muggy air of New Orleans. He was officially there to commemorate the fifth anniversary of hurricane Katrina’s devastating attack on this city in a soup bowl.  Now, everyone who was part of his inner circle knew he wasn’t there for that at all. In fact he was there for an entirely different reason. His unofficial polls were now tumbling into the upper thirties and his dynamic political duo of Emanuel and Axelrod suggested he go down there to remind the American people just how bad it was having George Bush as President for eight years.  But it didn’t matter to the President he hated the Gulf States, the food, the people and most of all the weather. It was hard to understand why the dynamic duo sent him down there since the reminder of Bush and the utter failure of both administrations to rebuild the city was a push, but he was there and he make the best of it.
Dave back at Langley had now confirmed the President's involvement with George's GPS planted prayer rugs from Eastern-Africa. He reported to a not so surprised Secretary of Defense who advised him to keep his mouth shut about this and to stay on the trail. Gates had already announced his future departure for next year, but he was fully engaged and wanted more information.
Dave drove back from the Pentagon with his sunroof open and the air blasting. It was about ninety degrees and only a few white clouds floated around in the jet-blue sky. He flipped on the radio to catch the news on WTOP. The normal sports scores were being rattled off as he squeezed between two semi-tractor trailers at his usual eighty-five mile per hour clip when the announcer broke in with a breaking news shout-out. It appeared that a prominent Israeli religious figure had urged genocide of Palestinians in the Gaza and that the Prime Minister was backing away from his support of the religious leader. Dave knew this man and was currently working with him on Operation: Alice in Wonderland. The Rabbi roll he played was simply a cover for the fact he was a Major with Israel’s equivalent to the C.I.A., the Mossad. Dave knew by just listening to this radio broadcast that Israel would not come to an agreement with the Palestinians in their forced peace talks this week and that war would shortly commence. The Rabbi’s announcement today was a technique used by the Israelis to get information out as quickly as possible by using the mass media as a conduit. It worked, and all who needed to know, knew, as the 576th day of the Obama Presidency was headed smack dab into another dilemma. 

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