Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Obama - Arabs Arabs Everywhere - 9:10 A.M. Monday September 13th 2010

It was Monday morning and Dave drove to his office via a shortcut he found that cut out a lot of the gridlock he was experiencing since Obama took office. It seemed this President was good for one thing and that was increasing the population of government employees. It seemed that with every passing day a thousand more cars got between Dave and his office.

He knew that the Saudi arms deal was proceeding on schedule with a public acceptance by Israel, but behind closed doors the Jewish homeland was hopping mad, furious in fact. The sellout of the new century was about to occur and Israel would now have another Arab country to worry about. This is what Jimmy was alluding to yesterday when they met. He told him of the President's meetings with many Arab dignitaries in secret locations and at odd hours. As a Secret Service Agent, Jimmy was required to go anywhere anytime at the drop of a hat, and he sure did with this President. Dave knew of information that was leaking out about the President’s schedule and how loosey-goosey it was. He was coming in late, ending early and some days completely blowing his entire daily schedule. Maybe, Dave thought, it was those late-night encounters that were causing him to sleep in these days. Jetting off on Air Force One with a bunch of Arabs cloaked in thawb’s, in the middle of the night was not quite what the American people wanted to see, so that could explain the secrecy or at least part of it. It seemed to Dave that this President had two schedules, one for the press and one for who knows who. Jimmy’s information was helpful but lacked real intel that he could put his fingers on. He needed names, places and what was discussed. Asking Jimmy to spy on his President would be going over the line but soon Dave would have to pose the question. Jimmy also mentioned in passing during their little meeting on Sunday that his fellow guards were now not too happy with the job or the guy they guarded. It seemed that every day that went by the loyalty and respect towards the one they were to give their lives for was diminishing.

This Arab arms deal was running counter to Operation Alice in Wonderland and Dave wondered how the arming of the Saudis would help contain Iran. He was never informed of this change, so it appeared this president was working around the Joint Chiefs in an attempt to sabotage their master plan for Iran. That was dangerous for a President to do. The last one that did that had an encounter with a few bullets on a sunny day in Dallas as the 591st day of the Obama Presidency slept in.

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