Sunday, September 5, 2010

Obama - Soros and the Deepwater Horizon Blowout Valve - Noon Saturday September 4th 2010

The President finished some details to his meaningless job's initiative to be released after the long Labor Day weekend. His concentration was broken by a call from his future Secretary of State, Mayor Bloomberg of New York City, who had just finished a plate of fogra and polenta on the veranda of his penthouse suite on Manhattan Island. The mayor discussed an upcoming 9/11 burning of the Quran at Ground Zero that was to be done by a Florida cracker who is a Christian minister from Gainesville. After a few minutes it was decided that the minister was to be arrested and charged with hate crimes against the Muslim religion along with a host of other miscellaneous nuisance charges. Most likely there would be additional Federal charges coming from Mr. Holder’s office with an additional arrest and incarceration until he came up with a five million dollar bail. The President's intension was to crush any anti-Muslim demonstration that involved the holy Muslim book or the image of Mohammad. It was okay to burn a bible in the public square but not a Quran according to this President who had just spent forty minutes in a rustic setting at Camp David praying on George’s East-African prayer rug.

As he put the phone down he got an encrypted text from the head of the F.B.I. that all was proceeding as planned. Now the real problems would start, he thought, as the Coast Guard along with every law enforcement agency in the country observed the Deepwater Horizon blowout valve as it was raised to the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. The smoking gun, as they say, was now being photographed, videotaped, poked and prodded. The C.I.A., BP and himself, oh and Rahm, knew what they’d find, but all were restricted from releasing any information.

The Soros dirty tricks department should have done their homework, he thought. By missing the BP video cameras far beneath the surface, this whole operation could become very embarrassing. In the midnight raid, the underwater lights from the Iranian saboteurs were enough for most of BP’s cameras to pick up the action that led to the sinking of the Horizon. The C.I.A. was now using the videos they burgled from BP to do just about anything they wanted including intimidate the Administration. So it now came down to how well he could keep the lid on as the 582nd day of the Obama Presidency called George in Switzerland.

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