Saturday, September 18, 2010

Obama – Michelle’s First Language – 3:15 P.M. Thursday September 16th 2010
While the President was meeting with his economic team in the Oval Office, and discussing the 2011 budget which was boring the hell out of him, Michelle his lovely wife interrupted the meeting with her phone call. “Yes, honey, yes, yes, yes, I did, four times, he’s not returning my phone calls. I know you don’t care, but I have a country to run into the ground and your phone calls are interrupting my progress. You know the President of France, I’m sure, has better things to do than to take my phone calls after we snubbed him for dinner the last time over there. You remember whose fault that was, right? Just because you get a bug up your ass about her beauty, the U.S. could lose a major trading partner.” Pause, pause. “I know you don’t care, you already said that, but I can’t just call up the President of France and call his wife a fucking bitch, it’s just not diplomatic. And furthermore I’ve told you about that Chicago gutter talk, you’re the First Lady, it doesn’t look good. I know, I know it’s your first language, you’ve told me a thousand times. Yeah baby, yeah, you know I love that, no baby, no, I didn’t say to stop that, you know I love that nasty-dirty-sex-talk baby, no baby, oh shit.” As Michelle hung up on the leader of the free world he turned his chair forward facing a room of six top economists with faces of shock and awe.

Moving right along, the President uttered, “Okay, where were we, now?” Christine Romer quickly took the opportunity to send a zinger his way with her comment, “You were going to give us some nasty-dirty-sex-talk, baby.” Knowing that she had already put in her resignation and that she most likely wouldn’t be using this gig on her resume, the comment flew right over the center of the plate as a strike.

The President blew the comment off with a little forced smile and went on with the budget problem that was forcing gold to new highs. With the administration wobbling between extending the cursed Bush tax cuts or not, the 2011 budget had problems, big problems. One thing was for sure, these guys that ran the economy sure didn’t know what they were doing. With massive holes everywhere in the budget and the expiration of the tax cuts coming January first, things looked bleak for the President's agenda. They all knew that with an extension and no government spending cuts, it would send the entire bond and gold market into a panic. Politically, Democrats that still had a career wanted to extend the cuts for at least two more years and this left the President all alone with his ideological struggle with America as the 594th day of the Obama Presidency looked down at his dog for a friend.

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