Saturday, September 4, 2010

Obama - The Three Stooges - 11:33 A.M. Friday September 3rd 2010

Biden wanted out and was looking more like an economic buffoon as head of the stimulus program that wasn’t stimulating. Every time he said “all was well” in his addresses to the American people, the more they laughed at him. It was really starting to get to him. Even his own son who just came back from Iraq was wondering about his dad’s character. After all, being the son of Vice President Bite-me was a hard row to hoe. The U.S. military was not exactly a bastion of un-American liberal thought.

Hillary Clinton his Secretary of State, last week was on the Hamptons stealing the President’s big money supporters. She was doing it secretly along with her vastly more popular husband former President Bill Clinton. Bill’s polls were now much higher than his, which was a new reality for the egocentric President. The thought that this ex-President and his wife, as President, would be occupying the White House during the time he should be serving his second term just angered him beyond compare. The President felt deep in his heart that Bill was a racist and used the black vote. He thought Hillary, led by Bill, would drag the black vote further onto the Democrat plantation. He knew this move by Hillary was coming since his poll numbers were now approaching the thirties and the looming disaster of the midterm elections were going to be blamed mostly on him along with the liberal leadership in congress.

Rahm couldn’t think straight from all the prescription drugs his doctor was prescribing him, but even in his current state of mind he was advising the President on the right moves to make, if only he would listen to him. Rahm wanted out too. He was eyeing Mayor Daly’s job in Chicago and it would be easier on the family living back home in the windy city. Anyway, he knew he could make a hell of a lot more money running the most corrupt city in the country than playing nursemaid to a President that doesn’t listen to good advice.

The President knew a Saturday night type flushing was coming of his inner circle, but which Saturday was still in question. Bloomberg was now on board to replace Hillary as Secretary of State with a quick move up to V.P. with Bite-me’s timed departure as the 581st day of the Obama Presidency charted the course of his fractured and discredited administration.

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