Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Obama - It's Jobs Stupid - 1:39 P.M. Sunday September 12th 2010

It was the day after the ninth anniversary of 9/11, it was Sunday and little Timmy Geithner, Treasury Secretary of the United States of America, Fritz for short, was meeting with what seemed like the hundredth time Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs. For Blankfein, Sunday was just another day, since he was Jewish. It was one of many things his people had in common with their Muslim  but he’d adversaries never admit it.

Timmy was head of the Internal Revenue Service and was lucky he didn’t do jail time for not reporting over a hundred thousand dollars of income a few years ago. The only thing that saved him was his willingness to represent the Federal Reserve on Obama’s Administration. In other words Timmy was the Federal Reserve’s point man for Ben Bernanke, head of the Reserve. It was like the local juvenile delinquent who got caught and the judge gave him a choice of jail or go to war in the army. Timmy, whether it was guilt or fear, took the worst job in the world during the worst economic downturn in almost a century, Treasury Secretary.

The problem was that Timmy couldn’t run a lemonade stand let alone the U.S. Treasury, and that went for most of the Obama Administration.

He was meeting with Lloyd who now by proxy was running the U.S. economy simply because know nobody else on the Left could. Lloyd knew the administration was way over their heads and headed for economic disaster without his expertise. So, little Timmy-Fritz now had a temporary office to work out of while gleaning all of Lloyd’s wisdom.

Lloyd, being the opportunist extraordinaire that he was, used every instruction to Timmy to make a profitable trade for the firm. On Wall Street, it was business as usual to nudge the government in their direction so to make a buck. Wall Street, of course, would reciprocate by writing a check to a candidate’s campaign fund, thus completing the circle of trust. But, what was happening now was a government so out of step with sound economic principles, they were desperate and Lloyd was now God as he repeated over and over again to Timmy, “it’s all about jobs” as the 590th day of the Obama Administration couldn’t figure out how to create one.

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