Sunday, September 12, 2010

Obama - The Nine Year Anniversary of 9/11 - 6:29 P.M. Saturday September 11th 2010

The Central Intelligence Agency with their Deepwater Horizon investigation knew that this President wasn’t on the up and up. The Joint Chiefs of Staff also knew this President wasn’t who he said he was. The FBI had become so political, even if they knew anything about him, they wouldn’t admit it. Most members from the conservative branch of the Republican Party had already been informed by the Military and the C.I.A. of their suspicions. That left the uninformed American people being blindly led by a media that had their heads up their collective ass.

The President’s handlers knew after the election of their candidate, they got lucky. They knew it was just a matter of time before resistance would form against his policies, but by that time it would be too late. The changes would be permanent and too difficult to reverse. After decades of observing and studying the American people, as they sank into their Godless digital commas, they felt it was time to make their move, thus the introduction of the American Trojan Horse, Barack Hussein Obama.

But with every plan comes the fly in the ointment, the one thing that changes everything, the reason why most plans never get off the ground or those that do, never work. That reason was called the Tea Party. Who would have thought that millions of Americans with almost no intel and no formal organization would rally up against the handlers plans to systematically dismantle the greatest economic and military power the world had ever seen.

Within a matter of weeks after the Presidents suspicious double swearing-in, red flags were popping up all over the Internet. Networks of plain ordinary citizens who just had a gut feeling about their new leader reached out to each other and shared every letter of information they could find on this mystery man that now was President of the United States.

It was now the ninth anniversary of the greatest attack on the American homeland and the American people had fully awoken from their slumber. The line had now been drawn in the sand and America said “no mas” to Islam in the United States. Today thousands rallied at the site of this tragic event and rightfully put the blame smack dab in the lap of the Islamic empire.

Dave was working late and thought of a few questions he had for Jimmy. He called him at his home in Georgetown where he was watching his Alma-mater Ohio State. He was a running back for two years there till he hurt his collarbone. The game was sloppy but Jimmy could see that the Buckeyes had Miami by the balls. They both agreed to meet tomorrow Sunday to discuss some of the details of what Jimmy saw the President do as the 589th day of the Obama Presidency waited for something to go wrong at the Ground Zero rally.

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