Thursday, September 23, 2010

Obama – The Wars on Obama - 8:45 P.M. Tuesday September 21st 2010

It was the eve of the harvest moon as the leader of the free world looked up at a nearly full lunar wonder while puffing on his third cancer stick. He was nervous and was feeling the moon's pull on this mild pre-autumn night. He lingered aimlessly at the official White House smoking tent waiting for the barrage of attacks that he expected from the upcoming Bob Woodward book on his Administration. The release to the media was occurring as he puffed, while reporters and foreign enemies had their best speed readers on the case, skimming, skimming, skimming. He had already read a review of the book by David Axelrod one of his Chicago cronies and lead political “spin-doctors,” a name given him by General Petraeus in the book. The more the American people, and especially the Joint Chiefs saw of Axelrod, the more they knew this guy was no General or an effective politician. He was more of a loser buffoon that had run his course. The President also knew this but he needed David’s input and suggestions on how to respond to the many condemnations. David and the President had already agreed that no response was the best response and to avoid any direct questions that could draw him out.

He knew the book was bad and could cost him another ten points in the polls. That was ten points he couldn't afford to lose. The country had suspected confusion and discourse but now could put their finger on specific incidents and individuals. He knew it would be more red meat for the Right and ammunition to take down the remaining Democrats in congress. As the President said in Woodward’s book, “I can’t lose the entire democrat party,” which it appears he did anyway.

He was lost outside that tent, and was unsuccessfully searching for some direction. He knew the handlers plans were going to fall through if he didn’t get his second term. The way things were going he knew he’d be a lame-duck after December with the new congress led by the Tea Party which up until twenty months ago didn’t even exist. They would starve his programs by not funding them, thus rendering them dead until after a new President was elected in 2012 when they would then repeal all of his work. This was the part of the plan that his puppet-masters couldn’t foresee. To have a majority of the American electorate become so motivated was historic and almost unheard of based on past lethargic behavior by the masses. It looked like it was the end as the 599th day of the Obama Presidency lit up a fourth.

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