Monday, September 6, 2010

Obama - Prince Al-Waleed The Puppet Master - 3:10 P.M. Sunday September 5th 2010

The President took a break from reviewing the speech he was to deliver in Wisconsin tomorrow. Being Labor Day it would be heavy on jobs and light on how to create them. Anyway, it was more of a photo-op for him to help rally his base of union members. The President was fresh out of ideas on how to stop the ever increasing joblessness in the country, well, let’s just say it appeared that way.

He sat outside on the flagstone patio adjacent to his office at Camp David and lit up. He took a deep drag. As the smoke slowly emitted from his mouth, he thought back to his well planned past. Plans that were not of his making. He was bought way back, and he knew it. His drive to get into college and law school with limited funds forced him to sell his soul to the highest bidder.

It was back in the late eighties when he first met Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, the architect that created him. He remembered back then just how driven the Prince was. He was always going a hundred miles an hour while juggling three balls and never dropping one. Barack was chosen by the Prince along with many others and he knew it, but he was the winner of this race to the White House. As for the others who were in the competition, he didn’t know their identities, but he sure as hell knew he was competing with them and they had to be some of the best minds around. Prince Al-Waleed put into practice what he learned in our colleges here in the states, but in more of a perverted way. His major was Social Sciences and he was out to change America in the name of Allah. He knew with the crumbling morals and weakening Christian faith that dominated the United States the country was ripe for Islam. It would be the new Promised Land for the Quran and he felt destined to change the country and eventually the world.

The Prince had already worked his way into Harvard in 1988 with his family’s Saudi oil money. That’s when he planted his seeds, watered them and watched them grow into a crop of followers. He knew if one failed another would take his place and thus the final emergence of Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States and the first Muslim to hold that office. Ever since Barack’s inauguration in 2009 the Prince thought to himself how wonderful America was that you could go from the destruction of the World Trade Towers to the White House in eight short years. Even Mohammed would be proud of that accomplishment.

With the Prince on board to finance his every move, all he had to do was sit back and look pretty. As media empires were bought into by the Prince to influence the masses as how to think about this man from virtually nowhere, his God-like popularity grew. Just scattered bloggers on the Internet connected the dots to this unbelievable hoax pulled on the American people and with no public contact between them; no one even knew they knew each other.

He finished his second cigarette and still couldn’t believe that it worked as smoothly as it did as the 583rd day of the Obama Presidency heard thunder off in the distance.

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