Saturday, September 18, 2010

Obama – Kill‘em Early and Kill‘em Often – 11:39 A.M. Friday September 17th 2010

Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of Health and Human Services was now taking on the private health insurance industry, with threats of hit lists of insurers that stepped out of line. Kathleen had a face that said it all, anger. She looked like she was so wound up she’d shatter with built up hostility. Tight lipped and a serious look was always on her face. Yep, if anyone could play Adolph Eichmann of the twenty-first century it would be her. What she was doing was flat out illegal, but the Obama administration was the law so who was going to stop them, the government?

The President ordered her to inform them, the insurance companies, that if they warned their customers that their rates were going up they’d be put on a watch list and would not be included in a future pool of insurers. That would stop them from having access to the new government patients, which would eventually be everybody. This was basically telling them that if they didn’t play ball with the government, that had every intention of putting them out of business anyway, they’d be out of business sooner. If you played ball you’d last about five more years before you had to close your doors. Thus, this was the new way of doing business in Obama’s America. She became the gatekeeper of who would survive and how long in this new game of monopoly where the government held all the cards.

The President was having fun talking to his Secretary of H.H.S. when she mentioned a possible problem that was developing. She explained to him that with the government now controlling health services to the general public there could be a conflict of interest. His face became concerned as she went on about how the government had the power now to kill a patient whenever they wanted by denying them health service, thus reaping taxes from the patient's estate through the death tax, which was due to expire at the end of the year. This was something that the mainstream media and even the Right had overlooked. It was a looming problem that had the potential of stopping the program and making the President look like Adolf Hitler who cooked six million Jews during World War II.

“Kill‘em early and kill‘em often, that’s how we balance the budget.” This would be the new H.H.S. slogan. If you’re worth five million, no heart transplant for you. Kill‘em early and kill‘em often as the 595th day of the Obama Presidency looked around for Jack Kovorkian’s cookbook.

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