Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Obama – Stranded – 11:34 A.M. Monday September 20th 2010

The President sat next to John Harwood on a hard wooden stool in the studio of CNBC’s financial television network. Approximately one hundred attended this imitation town hall meeting in front of viewers that totaled nearly a half million. All went well until a liberal black sister stood up and hit him over the head with a two-by-four of ridicule and disappointment. It was as though his mother reached out of her grave and grabbed him by the throat in an attempt to drag him down into her casket. He was jovial up until that moment. As the woman spoke and described her plight with him and her situation of possibly going back to eating hot dogs and beans, everyone could see the blood draining from his face. He was embarrassed, humiliated and simply slammed. He had no comeback that even began to sound like an honorable answer or remedy for this woman of his same race. As he listened to his own words while answering her he felt more and more like Gilligan on his deserted Island with only one other castaway, Vice President Biden.

Harwood being the wimp that he is, prided himself on only one major event in his life and that was meeting J.F.K. Since that day he was hooked on the bullshit the Democrat’s spewed ,no matter how ridiculous they sounded. By the time the woman finished shredding the President’s ego on national TV, both men felt pretty small. John felt particularly bad because he had personally checked out all the people and didn’t expect this type of response. It was supposed to be a softball session with no waves. So, it looked like this would be the last interview John would be doing with this President.

Back at the White House operations office Larry Summers, a major player in the President’s economic plan, sat watching the fiasco slash humiliation of his boss on TV. This should have never happened he thought, but it had, and it marked the end of his job with the President. He knew he had to get out and get out fast or be blamed for this mess. With millions unemployed and millions more to be, it was just a matter of time before the entire economy would implode.

Larry’s liberal big government and spend, spend, spend policies didn’t work and he was fresh out of ideas. This left the President with only one option if he expected to salvage his sinking presidency and country, embrace the Right. Extending the Bush tax cuts was like giving credit to a decision the former President made and that would send his supporters from the left up a tree with a noose for his skinny neck. Cutting spending would mean layoffs and liberal program cuts. Again, it would lead to more turbulence within his dwindling ranks of supporters.

Larry knew that the President being the ideologue that he is would do neither and would go down with his ship as the 598th day of the Obama Presidency was trying to get the wooden stool out of his ass.

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