Saturday, September 11, 2010

Obama - Watch Out 9/11 Rally In New York City - 4:39 P.M. Thursday September 9th 2010

Dave was watching the news regarding the Qu’ran burning fiasco on his little TV just behind his desk. He knew the President had gotten his hands into the deal-making with the renegade Christian minister in Florida. He didn’t like the way this President did business at all. It was so in the gutter micro-managing. For a President, a General and the Secretary of Defense to wade into a simple burning of a book probably made our founding fathers roll over in their graves. With the revelation of the President's prayer rug and now his attempts to stop a Qu’ran burning, the evidence was piling up against Barack Obama.

Dave knew the President was directed by others who were not of this land, meaning people who didn’t have the country’s best interest at heart. He had an idea who it was, but proving it was the trick. The prayer rugs, he felt were a good start as he dialed up his European counterpart in London, William Bell.

Billy was instrumental in obtaining the BP Deepwater Horizon videos that he snatched from their vaults two levels below their world headquarters. The job was so clean it took them five days before they knew they were missing. Of course Billy kept this little caper under his hat and not even Dave knew about it. That is, until today, when in his phone conversation he mentioned that he was very concerned with this President and the company he kept. Billy and Dave went way back, back to Lebanon, back to when this conflict seemed to start, well at least in this century.

After almost an hour of Billy describing what was on the videos, Dave could now see the connection between the President’s foreign money supporters and actions against many of our allies and changes to our economic policies.

To think that Iran had already attacked us and we sat back and did nothing was unconscionable to Dave. George Soros was now on Dave’s hit list for some sort of reining in, but how tight of a reining was the question. Any action against one of the President’s biggest supporters would have to be approved by Gates who now had one foot out the door. Dave felt that Gates would give him the green light, though. It was obvious to most Pentagon experts that Gates’s exit was a clear signal to the military-industrial complex that this President’s days were numbered. Numbered politically and numbered literally. He was creating many enemies in America and he now was on thin ice while the country continued to flounder and sink into oblivion.

Nevertheless the Soros-Iranian-Venezuelan sinking of the Deepwater Horizon was about to see a little push-back as the 587th day of the Obama Presidency was finishing up details on the disruption of the 9/11 demonstration in New York City.

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