Sunday, September 19, 2010

Obama – Popcorn and Watermelon - 2:47 P.M. Saturday September 18th 2010
Nicolas Sarkozy, finally after nearly a dozen phone calls by the American President, returned his call. Needless to say, it didn’t go well. There was a lot of name calling and frankly childish behavior by both world leaders. It was more akin to a school yard name calling fight with both ending the conversation with the typical adolescent threat of, “oh yeah”, “oh yeah,” click.

Scratch the French, the President said to himself as he went on watching college football on his third Oval office flat screen TV. Rahm was running around in his typical madman nature trying to wrap up and reassign his workload to underlings who couldn’t solve a simple math problem. Gees, Rahm thought to himself we have no bench, there’s absolutely no one to fill in. He knew Barry, the ideologue that he is and his stubbornness, would lead to his undoing. He just won’t listen to good political advice, he thought. So, Rahm went on delegating while almost smelling the sweetness of a Chicago Italian roast beef sandwich, his favorite, in the air.

Across town, Dave was meeting with Secretary Gates at the Pentagon and updating him on his findings and progress. Jimmy, one of the President’s Secret Service men, was now on board and reporting back to Dave on a daily basis. Gates commented to Dave that this Presidential prayer-rug business needed to be investigated further, and the group of Muslims that worked in the Pentagon that had acquired their rugs from the same as the President was even more troubling. Gates had put bugs on all of them and had found that they were up to something. They were found talking in code and making overseas phone calls to questionable people in Pakistan. The possibility that these Muslims were leaking classified information out to the Taliban was very probable and predictable. Gates had his people on that one but the President had to be handled by Dave, simply because Dave was expendable, as the 596th day of the Obama Presidency ordered more popcorn and watermelon from the White House kitchen.

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