Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Obama - Burn the Qu'ran and You Die?- 5:33 P.M. Tuesday September 7th 2010

“Who the hell asked him,” the President said to Valerie Jarrett regarding General Petraeus’s comment on the burning of a Qu'ran by a Christian pastor in Florida. The General waded into the controversy voluntarily and presidentially. His long arm reached halfway around the globe and it pissed off the President to no end. To think that a commanding General in a battlefield setting would have the sensitivity and power to direct actions at home was a first. With all of the Presidents efforts to muzzle the General and assign him to run the Afghan war he still had the in-tel on the ground in the U.S. to respond with laser like efficiency. It boded well his ability to run just about anything, including the country.

It was now perfectly clear to the President that General Petraeus would be running against him for the Presidency in 2012. Well, that was if Hillary didn’t snatch the Democrat nomination from his grasp. That would be the ultimate insult, for a woman or for that matter anyone to dethrone this incumbent President. It would be like a death by a thousand cuts for this delicate ego.

It was the first day back for the American people who tried desperately not to spend any more money than necessary during the three day Labor Day weekend. They came back to a stock market that wanted to roll over and die. Other business indicators also pointed to a lethargic economy and most workers prayed their jobs wouldn’t be next on the chopping block.

With that said, above the fray, the Generals words to stop the burning of a Qu'ran, echoed with clarity to the American people. It seemed that America was now at another crossroads. Several weeks ago it encountered the building of a Ground Zero Mosque and was so divisive it created a schism between Christians and Muslims that was still widening. The burning of this Qu'ran by a Christian minister was an escalation of the ever growing conflict between the two great religions.

Unfortunately, for the President and his followers in congress, the connecting of the dots between Islam and his gang, lead right to their doorstep. They knew they would pay dearly politically for their mistake of associating themselves with the Muslim cause. The President of course had his own personal feelings on the matter that the entire country now knew, but the leaders of the liberal left were being executed due to guilt by association.

America was finally waking up to the raw fact that they were now in a religious war. The simple burning of a book and the building of a Mosque had become the last line drawn in the sand and those words, “you’re either with us, or against us,” echoed again throughout the country.

Whether the minister burned the book or not on 9/11, it didn’t matter, it was now in every Americans face and it wasn’t ever going to go away as the 585th day of the Obama Presidency headed for the bomb shelter.

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