Thursday, September 23, 2010

Obama – General Petraeus’s Last Supper Party - 11:23 A.M. Wednesday September 22, 2010

President Obama gladly got on Marine One and headed for New York City to speak to an innocuous group before spending the night campaigning and addressing the United Nations Assembly on Thursday. The Woodward book was now front page news and his office was getting hit with a rash of inquiries for comments. He was glad to be out-of-there.

He scrolled through the encrypted emails on his Blackberry and noticed a note from Rahm titled, “For Your Eyes Only.” Before opening it he was distracted by a stream of sunlight through the porthole that nearly blinded him. Things weren’t going well this morning, and actually it was the theme for the whole week. He prayed it would end this week but by all indications this could be his new normal as Marine One entered New Jersey airspace. He looked down at what looked like Trenton, where Governor Christie was now kicking the hell out of his democrat friends and unions. As far as he was concerned he was over hostile territory and expected a missile strike at any moment.

He finally got back to his Blackberry and opened Rahm’s email that had an attachment along with it. Rahm went on to say that he noticed Bob Woodward’s book cover and was very disturbed at what he saw. The President, of course, opened the attachment that contained the cover of Bob’s book titled "Obama’s Wars."

The President immediately called Rahm who was still getting ready from a sleepless night. With bags under his eyes worse than normal Rahm picked up his phone and began to describe to the President what he saw in the cover.

The President listened to Rahm and slowly became angry. “Well, it looks like Bob got the last laugh in and it’s on me,” the President said. He hit his off button and sat back while switching over to the email attachment that contained that now-aggravating book cover. To see General Petraeus, his chief political nemesis who would most likely run against him in 2012, being the central figure on a book cover about his administration was maddening. Rahm was right in saying that the General was depicted as a Christ-like figure presiding over the Obama Administration's last supper as the 600th day of the Obama Presidency took Bob Woodward off his speed dial.

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