Thursday, September 16, 2010

Obama - Michelle Obama "It's Hell" - 12:15 A.M. Wednesday September 15th 2010

The President couldn’t sleep so he slipped down to the big white tent on the White House grounds that was set up for him to do his smoking. It appeared that his smoking in the Lincoln Bedroom was damaging the fabric, so they needed to send him and his nasty habit out with the dog. Hum, there's that dog thing again. Moving right along. It was late, after midnight, and he now had another problem. Unemployment going over ten percent would have been a piece of cake, but this, frankly, was going to be ugly. When a leader is finally at the end of his career there’s always a simple line the people associate with a politicians demise. It’s usually short and sweet and not at face value important, but becomes the Omega of a political career. When George Bush Sr. said “Read my lips, no new taxes” and then went ahead and raised everybody’s taxes, it ended his career in one fell swoop. Oh, and let’s not forget old Billy Boy Clinton, the one that defeated Bush Sr. and six years later, who would forever be remembered for saying “I never had sexual relations with that woman (pause – no - very long pause) Monica Lewinsky.

On his way out he glanced at the news releases on his Blackberry when he saw a disturbing headline involving Michelle. It was a release from the First Lady of France on her new book, but the headline wasn’t about the book, it was about what Michelle said about her job as being First Lady of the United States. According to the article, Michelle describing her job as “Hell.” That was all he needed. With his polls sinking and an ensuing political slaughter coming in November, he could just imagine how this would go over with the country. A First Lady who hated her job, what could be worse, as he woke up Rahm and David for a conference call on what to do? He knew the Right would use this on his administration's tombstone as it slowly expired into the pages of American history. Unfortunately, this was history that America would rather have forgotten. But the tombstone would still read “Here Lies the Obama Administration – It Was Hell” as the 593rd day of the Obama Administration took a page from the Clinton Administration. When in doubt, deny, deny, deny.

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