Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Obama - The President and Mr. Lee - 1:33 P.M. September 1st 2010

Mr. Lee strapped on his vest filled with pipe-bombs and a Vote for Obama sticker stuck to the back. They were all connected to a dead-man-switch as he headed into the studios of the environmentally friendly Discovery Channel with the intension of convincing them to change their policy on environmental programming. In other words he didn’t think they were aggressive enough in saving the planet. As he walked into the commercial building, making sure his carbon footprint was as small as possible, the country stopped and watched this wacko who thought humans should be eradicated from the world, taking control of the TV station.

This news flash from the far left environmentalist movement which wholeheartedly supports the President has now given him another black eye, if it was possible to notice. The BP sinking of the Deepwater Horizon exposed many of the flaws in these tree huggers' theories and the country was now looking at them as though they were a bunch of crazies. Most in the country already knew this but finally the people on the fence could now see just how nuts they really were. It seemed that since this President took office all of the nut jobs had been emboldened to express their radical agendas by letting them boil to the surface as though nobody would do anything about it.

While the hostage situation went on for about six hours until Mr. Lee was shot dead, the President was continuing to help with the Middle East peace process which he was hosting. He really wasn’t helping; you could say it was more like observing. This President had no idea how to handle the negotiations between these lifelong foes. So much blood had been spilled between them he was actually intimidated by the eyes of these men who were not interested in bullshit from a cutesy inexperienced community organizer from Chicago. They wanted real guidance that he couldn’t provide.

He occasionally walked outside during the negotiations for a cigarette which he wasn’t hiding anymore. During one of these episodes his thoughts left the dilemma at hand and drifted onto the global warming kook that had taken so many hostages in Silver Springs. From what he was told this guy had read Al Gore’s book and watched his movie on global warming. Environmental jihad was a noble cause to him and he could see why someone would blow up a couple thousand people for the environmental movement. But with his Cap and Trade Bill floundering in the Senate he knew he would get flack from the right about this guy and his connection to the biggest hoax of the twenty-first century as the 579th day of the Obama Presidency went back inside to look for his second golf bag.

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